My son may have autism: Can I get some advice?

I am an FTM of a beautiful two-year-old baby boy. I came from a very abusive household with my son’s father and managed to get out and on my own (just my son and i) about five months back. I had taken my son to a therapist last year because my son was very behind with his milestones and said to wait until he was 2 to have him tested as it could just be emotional stress. Well, he turned 2 in January, and today I had him tested. The pediatrician told me he is 99% sure my baby boy has autism. Are there any moms on here that have had something similar? Was any of your children diagnosed with autism and possibly misdiagnosed? Are there any moms who can give me advice on how to make my little boy’s life as comfortable as possible? I’m shattered… How do I raise my son to have the best life possible?


Let him grow being on the spectrum isn’t bad, so development may be delayed, trust me they will make yup for it. Live your son and tell everyone else to fuck off

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I don’t have any advice other than check out this family…

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Yeah, it sounds sad and depressing at first.

Autism mama speaking, don’t focus on the diagnosis.
Your son has Autism but he isn’t Autism. He will thrive and do great things, whatever it may be in life.

There’s worse things in this world and Autism isn’t one of them.


First autism isn’t the end of the world!
Get him tested they’ll tell you what he needs. But most of all he needs YOU!

  • love a mama of a beautiful nonverbal autistic 11 year old son. :slight_smile:

I have 2 boys with autism (now 6 and 14). Early intervention is key! My youngest didn’t talk hardly at all until he was close to 4, but with therapy and interventions, you can hardly tell he was behind. Ask for referrals to a developmental pediatrician, ABA therapy, speech, and OT. It can be a rough road to travel, but hang in there, Mama.


My son was tested- he is not autistic. We went through the hospital for children’s therapy services and had their licensed therapists do the testing. Took about 3.5 hours and then they discussed the results. Ask your pediatrician for a referral for a therapist/testing. The test itself wasn’t bad they played had snacks asked him Developmental questions. If he does have autism the therapists will be able to refer therapy and offer a lot of help and support.


He is your son! He will be just fine! Just love him and work with him. Times may get tough but youve got this. First off I think you need to realize this isnt the end of the world. You still have him, he could have something that would take him away from you.


So the biggest thing for you to know is everyones journey and path through this will be different. There will be hard days and good days. My biggest advice is to learn as much as you can. Find support, whether thats family or even support groups online. Also trust your gut along the way. If a treatment plan or doctor or therapist doesnt seem to fit keep trying till you find something that does. You will be your child’s biggest advocate and you need to learn to trust yourself.


Pediatricians aren’t trained to diagnose. Get him tested by a psychologist. If he does have autism, early intervention (ABA, speech, occupational and/or physical therapies) is key. Many autistic people are very high functioning and you wouldn’t even know they have it.


Love him. There is so much hate for autistics in this world, love him like you were already planning to. He will be okay, I was.


Please join some facebook groups ran by actual autistic adults. Autistic, Typing


May I ask what exactly is your son behind or what type of behaviors is making his pediatrician think he has Autism? My step son finally was diagnosed with high functioning Autism at the age of 9. He is a very smart boy but has a hard time in social settings and has a hard time with change.

But it took years for him to be diagnosed, I feel at 2 years old, it is hard to really know.

My cousin has a son that shows some markers for Autism but it might just be taking him a little longer to talk or show the appropriate emotions. He is only 2. Now he is starting speech therapy to help him and go from there.

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My daughter was diagnosed at age 2. Early intervention is key. Welcome to therapy life: Occupational, Physical, Speech, Developmental, Feeding, Behavioral, Music, & Equine therapy. We do it all. Leave no stone untouched. Research. Advocate like a mother. Autism is hard some days, but our children are worth the fight. Pro tip: your child’s natural stims/obsessions are very helpful in teaching them to communicate. My kiddo loves musical instruments, and they’ve been a great vehicle for teaching communication. Oh- and remember to be very forgiving towards yourself on this journey- you got this, mama!


Hi I have 2 children with autism one was just under 4 when diagnosed

I’m autistic and I live a full life. I know it’s scary for parents to hear that diagnosis, but tbh, I guarantee you know autistic ppl and don’t realize it. Yeah, we’re more sensitive,but we’re also so very creative and loving.

Please, for all that it’s worth, DO NOT put your child into ABA therapy. It is literally conversion therapy, like some sick fucks do to their gay children, and it is abuse. Love him for who he is, not for what you want him to be.

We are neurodivergent and fucking rock! It’s genetic and simply means our nervous systems and brains are wired differently (like adhd, which he probably has too, they go hand in hand).

Stay away from Autism Speaks and Autism Mom groups. Please. They tend to be militant and all about forcing the child to confirm to “normal” standards.

There are many neurodivergent groups and pages on fb, those are the ones to follow. Neurodivergent Rebel or The Neurodiverse Woman are two of them.

Feel free to creep my profile, it’s public, and you can see get an idea of my life :slight_smile: