My son played a video game that was a gift for Christmas (I didn't know): Advice?

Hello, I have a question. I just want to know how other people would think. My son plays a game called plants vs. zombies. So my husband bought another version for him for Christmas. I didn’t know it was a present (it was a digital copy just like the first). So my son saw it and asked if he could play it, and I said yes, thinking it was something he and his dad had played together. So, he comes home and starts yelling at our son that he shouldn’t be playing that so I told him I said he could, and asked why he wasn’t supposed to. That’s when he told me it was a present. I said he should have told me that so I would have known, and he said I should have just known. He said it was the same thing as if presents were hidden in the attic, and I found them and gave them to our son. Am I wrong for not thinking it was a present, or is he out of line? I’m just looking to see how other people would have thought.


Your son saw it, so obviously your husband didn’t do some great hiding job. Not your fault you’re not psychic. Sheesh… I hope this is a very rare, one off attitude for hubby…


People play games all the time (rent them, play with friends etc) then buy them later on. Just give it to him as a gift as intended. You need better communication about gifts.

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Divorce that idiot :smirk:


It’s a game downloaded on a phone/iPad, not a physical present that is wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. His comparison is ridiculous. You are not in the wrong. He should have told you he bought that game for your son for Christmas and that he is not allowed to play it until then. Or better yet, he shouldn’t have put a game that can’t be played until Christmas on the device where the child will see it. Your husband is in the wrong.


Better to ask next time, esp. since it IS close to Xmas.

I think this isn’t even worth a thought process the kid got the game early move on


It iiiiiiiss that time of year…thats all I’m a say 🤷. Not something to get hellbent over though

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I mean…if you didn’t know then, oh well. Don’t buy something online and assume it was known by the other half. I would of probably done the same…Communication is key.

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It was most likely on the dash board of your system , I have xbox 1, and so he would have seen it no matter what so it was kinda dumb to have a digital copy on the system you allow the child to play on. This game is actually the same amount online as it is in Wal-Mart so it could have been easily bought at Wal-Mart. Did he buy it so he can play it and then say it was a gift ?!?! I have the game you are talking about lol.

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This is like not a problem lol. Like shit happens. Can’t you just like tell your son " hey by the way that was for Christmas!" And just let him have it early? I don’t understand why it is a big deal at all. I don’t even think it matters if you should have known of it was gift or not, you didn’t, he saw it, he played it, big deal. Your husband COULD have told you but he didn’t. Who cares? This is like a first world problem for sure

He should of told you. My husband downloads games all the time. I don’t ever use our playstation so unless he told me I wouldn’t know. Just him and our kids use it. But also my husband wouldn’t freak out on me about something like that. I would just say maybe tell me so I know for next time. Or tell him not to download them until he wants them to be on the system. With playstation you can buy stuff in the store and not download it. You can also un download stuff but still own it in the store

It’s a digital copy, he could have bought it, started the download then stopped it so it didn’t save but it was still owned. It was a digital copy fully downloaded and he didn’t 1)hide it and 2) say a word to you about it, my daughter plays xbox with her dad so I’d also not take any notice if it was new or not and say yeah play it

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I would be as mad as your husband. But get over it pretty easy and go out and buy something else for him.
My husband knows that my closet is off limits to him and the world all year round I always have presents in there.:crazy_face:

I mean, it IS that time of the year BUT, how the hell would you have known that? Damn.

You should’ve texted or called him before you let your son play.


Your hubby should have wrapped it an put it away. Not your fault.


It’s a game. It was an accident. You both need to get over it.


Omg this post is ridiculous. He should have told you and you should have asked him about it. Geez do y’all communicate at all? It’s not the end of Christmas :joy:


It’s a wonderful time of the year…

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