My son refuses to wipe his own butt: Advice?

How do I get my 5-year-old to wipe his own butt? My son absolutely refuses to wipe his own butt! I have tried to teach him how to, and he won’t even attempt to try. Obviously, he’s getting too old to have his mama wipe his butt for him! Help?!


I have told my kids that they will get butt worms and that kids at school will smell him and be mean.

Well I never met a 20 year old man who can’t wipe their own ass, be patient he will get there!


Hate to say it. But he’s a big boy now! He needs to learn I refused to wipe my kids butts after they turned 3 and a half. I basically told them that if they can’t wipe their own bum, they can’t go to school!

Mine is 8 and well he won’t either, My daughter was so much more independent,.

Show him the video of the teacher who taught her class how to wipe using balloons.


Only way my son would do it is with flushable wipes.

Let it dry till it itches…he will learn…


Pull out the pressure washer! I’m sure he will prefer to wipe after on his own.


This can be common. Especially among boys. If he doesn’t feel he can wipe properly or if he has some fear of wiping it’s a real thing you need to work through. I have a child that needed help up past 8 years old and it was something that needed occupational therapy. He also was terrified of the toilet and refused to sit and poop until he was almost 5. Pee? No problem. Poop? A whole different ball game. If you can get to the heart of why he doesn’t want to do it (and there is one he may not be able to properly communicate to you)…that would be a start. But try very hard not to shame him or berate or belittle him about it…5 is still so very little. :heart:


My daughter is 6 she don’t even whip her butt she tried but she will get it everywhere .u gotta whip there but to be clear then have him whip it after tell him is there anything then they will get the hang of it that’s what we are teaching my daughter we whip her first then have her whip so she understands

Try using baby wipes,it won’t be so hard for him to do


Try having him use wet wipes


Ask him why ?
Find out the real reason and work from there

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When he starts itching n shit he’ll start caring more lol. Stop doing it for him


Why? Is he scared to wipe? I think it’s all well and good to say he will get used to it or he’ll get over it, but honestly there are actual reasons why some kids can’t or won’t. You need to make sure there isn’t a medical or psychological cause before resorting to tough love.

My own son ‘refused’ to toilet or was labeled as ‘lazy’ until almost 8 years old. We had no option but to use nappies till he was ready according to the drs. Later in life we discovered that he actually has spina bifida at s2, with nerve damage to his lower body and limbs. He was never lazy or refusing to toilet for the sake of it. He had a medical problem. I begged drs from when he was a baby to check his spine, there were signs but nobody listened until it was to late.

Make him wear the same undies fir a few days

Mine will with wipes. Found out he struggled with loo roll.make sure put bin in toilet for wipes tho.

My son is autistic, and was extremely ambidextrous, so he was confused which hand to use. Issue fixed itself when he chipped his right elbow and was casted for 12 weeks. Bad way to fix it but it eliminated the right hand and the day he broken it, he started wiping his own butt.

I would encourage him& let him use wipes.Tell him big boys wipe their own butt.I would put my son in a corner when he did that and he got himself together after being tired of standing so many times. He’s 5 also