My son said some things about school on snapchat and got in trouble at school: Thoughts?

I got a call from my teenage son’s school saying that the teacher was shown a screenshot of his Snapchat saying “Dear School, F you and especially Mrs. …” She was very upset on the phone and said that he’d be seeing the principal and may get ISS. I told her that although it was offensive and disrespectful, it wasn’t directed to her, she would have never seen it unless she was shown, and it wasn’t posted while he was at school. She said it was serious because it involved the school and “we take threats and anything like that seriously.” I replied, but it wasn’t a threat. He’s definitely in trouble at home because he shouldn’t be disrespectful of adults and authority figures. But how can they punish him at school for using free speech on his personal Snapchat that the teacher should never have seen?


where’s the threat? I’d ask them in the office in person to circle where the “threat” is. If they can’t find the “threat” it isn’t a threat, it’s an opinion….and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Tell them you will be happy to have your lawyer come in and speak with them if they have any questions. End of story. If they persist, call a lawyer and do just that


It depends if that is all he said. FU maybe not but I’m gonna FU up would be a threat


Maybe he needs to see a counselor or therapist.



Smh yet they allow kids to be bullied every single day til the kid kills themselves. But God forbid a kid say fu to the school lol


If its threating or being disrespect ti a teacher, teach your son better…


I totally agree with you. Not their business and they shouldn’t be getting involved. Actually shouldn’t have even called you about it, imo. I’d get in contact with the principal and let him/her know exactly how you feel about it. I understand a lot of parents protect their children from discipline at school, making it difficult for teachers and staff, but I’d not consider this case one of them. Unless they can produce an actual threat, stand up for him and let them know they’ve crossed the line. Inappropriate? Maybe. But he’s a kid and allowed to express his feelings. Especially if he’s not threatened anyone, simply stating he’s unhappy with school and a particular teacher. Smh…


Jobs can use social media to fire/hire you. It’s the same thing. :woman_facepalming:I’d monitor his social media.:woman_shrugging:


You’re absolutely crazy to think he shouldnt be in trouble in school…its very disrespectful even tho it was indirect.


The same way that if I said “f my boss” on my Snapchat then I’m setting myself up to be fired. I would let him be punished so he learns to watch what he says on social media


Depends on exact verbiage and schools rules that we agree to every year…some schools have rules against this even if out of school and saying a persons name like that can lead to charges.

An in school suspension isn’t that harsh. Let it happen and maybe he’ll think twice before doing it again.


They shouldn’t, if it didn’t happen at school or on school property and there is no threat, they technically can’t do anything.

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Why are you defending your kids disrespect behavior? Why do you allow him to speak the way he was? He definitely isn’t mature enough for social media so start by taking it all away. And then let the school punish him how they feel is appropriate and BACK THEM UP! Stop coddling your child or you will be bailing them out of jail one day.


If it was his boss he said this about and the boss heard about it, would you expect him to get in trouble at work? This is a good lesson in what you put on the internet can have real world consequences.


Maybe it’s like with jobs. What you do or say on social media can get you in trouble. Idk what the rules are regulations are regarding these types of things these days.


Schools hardly do anything when a kid is bullied at the school but the second they give their opinion on a teacher or staff member they lose it! I’m glad the discipline will be there at home because it is disrespectful but the school has no right to discipline your child in that situation!


I don’t think it was threatening at all and the kid was venting. What a ducked up world we live in


Times are different. Don’t post things nothing, nothing. People know there are consequences for your post. School, job whatever