My son screams any time my husband holds him: Advice?

Needing advice. My son is three weeks old and screams and cries when my husband holds him and when he tries to lay him down in his bassinet. But he doesn’t scream when I hold him. It’s very frustrating because my husband is trying to help with him but can’t seem to catch a break with the screaming. He is fed and changed, so we don’t understand why he screams and cries so much with only him. He gets fussy with me, but not like he does with my husband. What can we do to make it easier? My husband will be the one with him all day once I go back to work, and I feel horrible knowing that he just screams with him. Anyone else has this issue before, and if so, how did you fix it?


Because your mama!!! Let dad comfort him when he is crying, he will begin to feel secure with him. Baby will realize dad will be there for him when he cries, I know it’s painful to hear baby cry but just give it some time!


Have him have something of yours like a t-shirt that he hold him with. It’ll smell like you.


Have your husband do skin on skin with the baby


If your husband is nervous the baby can sense it. The only thing you can do is keep trying over and over until he gets used to him.


If your husband feels uneasy or high anxiety while holding him the baby will pick up on it and also feel insecure and will cry. good luck mama practice and patience :heart:


It may take awhile for baby to respond to his dad as easily as he does with you. He was just inside your body a month ago, you’re the person he knows best.

he just spent 9 months inside you…he senses the difference …mine were all the same…takes time

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Try having Dad and baby do skin to skin


Lots of skin to skin and then my husband would put my tshirt or blanket over baby and it even helped for me to not be in the room.


Baby’s can sense if someone is anxious so baby may be responding to your husbands nerves holding him. Make sure your husband is relaxed and confident with holding baby. Otherwise, keep working on it and have your husband hold baby more until baby gets use to it.


Wear one of your husband’s shirts for the day/night. Your baby will start to get his scent while still seeing your face and hearing your voice… And then have your husband wear that same shirt the next day. It will have your scent on it but his voice obviously. Keep doing this for a few days and your baby should adjust to the both of you. Congratulations!


My son was the samw way with me at first he was attached to his dad from birth amd would scream if anyone else held him for months. It was really depressing. As he got older he came around and is now a mommas boy.

Have your husband feed him more. More skin to skin to get familiar with smell and relating him to a caregiver. Don’t be in range to be smelled lol. Or drape your shirt on dad if all fails. They just need to bond more :heart:


He’s still used to your body, mama…he was warm and safe there, so he feels best when you hold him.You’re his comfortable place, favorite smell, etc. He’ll get used to dad, dad just needs to make sure to hold him, talk to him, and carry him as much as possible. Wouldn’t hurt for dad to wear one of your shirts or wrap baby in one of your worn shirts so he has your smell with him. Dad and baby cN do some skin to skin, thats very binding. They just needs to spend lots of time together :purple_heart:

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Ur bby is scared of him

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Baby can sense fear or anxiety when daddy is holding him. My so was terrified with our first born and I told him not to be so scared and nervous when holding him, we also did daddy and baby skin to skin and that really seemed to help as well.

Start wearing your hubbies clothes if you can. If not get an apron or something similar to wear to get your scent on it.

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Our 3rd was the same for about 2 months, then he came around and they are pals now. Give them some time to get used to each other.

You’re his mama! Little ones naturally want to be held by mama all day! :white_heart:

Do you breastfeed or bottle feed? Let dad do some feedings possibly!

He’s very young, he has no awareness yet, only instinct. Babies want comfort. So however you give him comfort, dad will have to mimic!

If he can smell you or hear you, he is going to want you! Try to leave the room or the house for a little while and see how it goes :white_heart: