My son still doesn't have any teeth: Advice?

My son turned one on Jan. 25th, and I thought he had a tooth coming in finally. At one y/I check up the doctor determined it was a “pearl” not a tooth. Said if he doesn’t have a tooth come through by 15 months old he will need X-rays. Anyone else been through this? Anything I can do to help him?


I have never experienced this but if the dr isn’t concerned until 15 months I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

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Hang a egg in side one of his socks. In hang it over his doorway.


My nephew was born with 2 “pearls” they were the last teeth to come in. No reason for concern.

My son didn’t have any till about 13 months. Then BAM, without 3 weeks he had 10


The later they arrive the stronger his teeth will be.


My daughter had finally started getting her teeth in and she will be a year in 2 weeks. In the last month she has gotten 5 and is working on number 6

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My 6 month old so far does not have any teeth. After the biting I went through with my first, I’m in no real hurry.

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My daughter didnt have any till 14/15 months. Never had xrays. We were told some babies got teeth late. She also didnt lose her first tooth until she was 7 1/2.


my daughter’s doctor said to her, have you ever seen a bay with dentures

My son didn’t get any of his teethe until right around his first birthday. He recently turned 2, and now has 12 teeth with 2 more molars coming in. He has literally been teething for a year, one right after the other. Every baby is different. Try not to stress

The later they r getting them the longer they will keep them and the better they will be. My son walked at 7 months but didn’t get his first tooth till 13 months.


I didn’t get my first tooth until I was 18 months old. My youngest daughter didn’t get her first tooth until 13-14 months :blush:

If you’re really concerned take him to a pediatric dentist.

My sister in law did with her son.
He got them all ALL at once maybe a few months later.
None of us liked being around that poor unfortunate boy.
He was a very cranky kid for a bit.

My daughter didn’t get her first one until 14 months!

19 months old before her first tooth. 30 years later she has beautiful teeth

My son was 14 months before he got his first tooth… And then he had ALL his teeth in by 16 months. The dentist actually said it doesn’t hurt anything and that kids who have teeth come in later like that tend to have less issues with cavities and things

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I didn’t as by…they determined through xrays an bunch other stuff we found 4 major heart conditions…almost killed me…had they not been concerned out my teeth I would of. And fast forward, fixed heart and teeth were coming in good…well fast forward more to like 15, I still had 6 baby teeth with no adult ones underneath. At 21 two baby teeth came out because my adult teeth came in. I’m almost 29 and 3 of my wisdom teeth are just at the surge and drs won’t remove unless all the way through and my 4th only half of it formed. Its all been determined to be the fault of my heart that went unnoticed.

My daughter got her first tooth at 13 months. She had been teething since 3 months but it never broke through.