My son takes his pants entirely off to use the restroom: How can I stop this before school starts?

My son is five years old, and every time he goes to the bathroom to go do number 2 he has to take off his pants and his underwear all the way off and comes out of the bathroom comes to me for me to fix his pants for him to put his pants back on and I don’t know what to do about that bc all I could think of is when he goes to school he is going to come out of the bathroom naked in front of his classmates. I don’t know how to get him out of it. I tried talking to him. I tried punishing him. I tried talking to parents for advice, and it gets me nowhere. And I told him to only pull his pants halfway through he threw a fit and wouldn’t go to the bathroom sometimes he even takes his whole entire clothes off to go. Please, I need advice. I need to prepare him for school.


Does he have sensory issues?


Not a parent but I previously worked with ALN and many behavioural specialist google social stories for kids and adapt to situation.

My son was the same and he wouldn’t go #2 in public places because he knew he couldn’t undress. He grew out of it

He might just not like the way his pants feel only half off

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He’ll outgrow it. Most boys do this. :woman_shrugging:t2: School is the perfect place… they follow other kids. He’ll stop. Don’t worry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My son did this too, but stopped on his own about 2 weeks into preschool…

Haha…my grandson does it to… I dont know why :joy:

My son did this until he went to school and realized he didn’t have time to do it at school and he ended up stopping.

My boys both 6 and 7 both do this…so does their father…but not in public. But also may be a comfort thing so he can relax and let it pass. I guess I never really saw it a an issue for me…good luck!

Megan McGee didn’t mason do this or am i imagining it :rofl:

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I’m a teacher of primary and I have a student in class that does this and I’m not prep or yr 1. He has learnt to dress himself in the cubicle after doing his business before leaving toilet block. Has done this since start of school.

Focus on teaching the skill of self dressing for now.


Why on earth would you punish him?!?! My son did the same thing and didnt do it at school.

I will say, don’t freak out… Seriously all children change their ways when they’re in a group following other kids their size… Relax and breath momma


He might not feel that comfortable at school… It might just be a home thing

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Sensory issues? Or learnt behaviours. As historically kids are full stripped off I.e trousers, baby grow undone, nappy off etc to change and go to toilet as nappy potty training stage?

My son is almost 7 and still does this. I think its just no comfortable

Most boys do this for fear that urine will get on their clothes they eventually figure out how to manage their business while in public but will continue to strip at home my son avoids going to the rest room #2 everywhere other than home lol and he’s 11

Teach him to put on his own pants.


Do not punish him for this. It is normal for a kid his age to do this. My son did it too. Worse comes to worse, and he does it once at school, either the other kid’s laughter will stop him from doing it again or the teacher will. Sorry, hate to say it like that, but it’s the truth. I know it can be embarrassing, frustrating, annoying, but in the big scheme of things, he is just a kid and is not doing it to be defiant. Does he have a father or father figure who could maybe talk with him about this and show him the right way? My son did the same thing and even did it in public restrooms. Eventually, he stopped.