My son told me another child hit him at daycare: Advice?

What would you do if your three year old son came home from daycare and said another little boy hit him in the mouth? This isn’t the first time, by the way. I know boys will be boys, but my son has been hitting me, and he thinks it’s funny. The daycare claims that they are getting a behavior specialist to come in…but I still haven’t heard anything about that. My son has never been around anyone who hits or anything. His friend at daycare seems to have a lot of behavior issues, and my son is picking up the bad behavior. I have corrected him over and over at home, but nothing seems to be working.


I’ve always taught mine to never hit but if someone hits you then defend yourself & hit right back. You can also contact the parent of the other child & let them know what’s going on.

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Request they separate the other boy when he starts to show signs because that’s not fair to your boy. If the parents of the other boy can’t get it under control and the facility refuses to take action you might need to find a different one where they have a situation in place for stuff like this.

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Let them get a specialist. Hopefully it’ll help. But they clearly need to separate them.

At my sons daycare, if any child is continuously doing something like that, then they would be “suspended or kicked out”

My daughter came to me when she was 5 and told me a kid in her class always bothered her and hit her I contacted her teacher and let her know she said she’s keep an eye out for that then a couple days later again he hit her I called teacher again and nothing was done I told my daughter to knock his little ass down with a punch on the face if he hit her again my daughter is tiny she is now 8 and looks like an average 4 yr old so imagine at 5 anyway little boy did it again she hit him made him cry and she got in trouble I went over spoke to principal and told her about the times I had spoken to teacher about little boy hitting her nothing was done so she did what she had to do 🤷🏻‍♀ problem solved little boy never hit her again

Speak with the workers and ask that they start monitoring better, and separate as necessary.
I’d also warn them that if it happens one more time, that your son will start hitting back, as he doesn’t deserve to be hurt.

Taught mine that you dont start something, but you finish it. I’ll always support self defense.


Yikes. My kids haven’t been in daycare for years, but when they did if a kid repeatedly hit/bit/etc then they would get sent home until the behavior was corrected at home. I would be mentioning it again to the daycare and telling them this isn’t acceptable and they need to do something ASAP or you’ll find somewhere else for your child that won’t allow that behavior.

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Use your inner momma bear! Tell them again and tell them you will be looking for care else where and let everyone know about their negligence. :unamused::angry:

Walk up behind the other kid smack him to the ground tell him its not nice to hit and he will be smacked to the ground every time your child comes home and says he’s been hit. Easy. Just kidding change daycare. Pronto

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Hit him back 10 times harder

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I asked him what he did. He said, “I say dat not nice!”
I asked if he told the teacher, “ya, she say ‘you no do dat’ and Jimmy go sit wit her”
And I said “ok”
My 3 year old regularly beats on and wrestles his 8 year old brother…but not at daycare and never me.

Boys wrestling and being physical is normal, and with his brother they are both learning limits, communication and boundaries. It’s strange but watching and listening…it’s what is happening.

He’s 3, we’re working on speech, but thats how…and I chose the name Jimmy at random.

From experience a child care center has to document it in writing. when a child hits others and has bad behavior issues. The center can’t just automatically put the child with bad behaviors out. they have to monitor that child more closely and address the issues with the parents. And if things don’t change then yes they could eventually remove that child from the center. I’m sure if the child is hitting kids more then likely he is hitting staff members as well. It’s definitely a process that don’t change over night. It seems like the child care center is trying to get the situation under control since they have a behavioral specialist coming in. You can suggest that they separate your child and that child if they aren’t able to put them in different rooms then maybe have them at different centers during play time and there seats moved as well. Also schedule a meeting with the program director and definitely voice your concerns and if you feel as if things aren’t changing then you could always change centers , but there is always going to be a child that has issues they are dealing with no matter where ya go.


Although I taught my child not to hit… My son got hit about everyday from one of the school bullies. It took awhile, then I got the call to pick him up for hitting back. We headed to dairy queen for a treat and the bully never touched my child again.


Boys will not be boys. Boys will be held accountable and taught better


Angie Young this is very well said was just thinking the same thing as I’ve been the mom of the kid that’s hitting out its so hard to control especially when it’s happening in other settings and that’s what prompted my son having early intervention turned out he’s adhd dislexic and struggles with over stimulation so lashes out accidentally clearly this daycare are already taking the appropriate steps and maybe just speaking with the other mom might be a better option school are not allowed to disclose medical information so have to let others assume he’s just the bad kid asking the care providers to separate before incidents happen is perfectly fair x


As a daycare worker. At 3 is incredibly normal for children to hit. They get frustrated and hit. Even if he hadn’t been hit by this other child they would most likely have started hitting eventually. The teachers also cannot give a lot of information regarding another child, its a violation of the child’s privacy. Unfortunately this is part of being 3.


Time for a new daycare

Whenever I have questions, even the “silly” ones I take it directly to the daycare employees. That your baby, ask away! Never feel wrong or weird or even rude for questioning what goes on.

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