My son told me his step-mom mistreats him: thoughts?

I need some advice; my son has told me that his stepmother will mistreat him when dad is not home. I told his father that he is not to be alone with her ever again, not to mention when something happened before she was told not to touch him again. Dad says he doesn’t believe him with this recent incident. The family has also seen how she is with him & they’re not happy. Dad wanted me to speak with her about it & I chose not too, to me, once was enough. So I took a different route & made a report with DCF. Am I wrong here? Or did I do the right thing? I’m honestly not sure anymore at this point. Any helpful advice is welcome; please don’t be rude.


Y wont the dad talk to her ? Isnt that his wife ?


What!!! I’d talk with her and let her know what your thoughts are most definitely! Never allow someone to mistreat your child. It is your job to stand up for them as well as the dad. But if he is slacking then you handle it. Trust me. I’ve been guilty of allowing someone to mistreat my daughter and it has left a black hole in my heart of regret and resentment.

ALWAYS listen to your child. You are being a good Mom. To many times kids aren’t listened too.


You did the right thing 100 percent… Don’t send your son back there… Tell your ex to meet you in a public place and meet that way

If my daughter reported mistreatments I would do everything in my power. You owe no one else anything before that. It is what it is :woman_shrugging:

Girllll listen to you son, excuse my French but fuck her and his daddy. Your son isn’t lying!! Stuff like this makes me so mad, I just went through this with my daughter. Believer what your kid tells you. You keep doing what you have to, to protect him. And if they get mad then once again Fuck Them! If their mad because your trying to protect you son then they don’t need to be around, Father or not. Our kids come before any one

This is a 50/50
Not in all cases but in some instances kids will play one off against the other … didn’t get what I wanted or done something wrong and got in trouble so wham I don’t like step mum, it does happen and sometimes the step mum can get frustrated and angry and look like the bad one … kids can play games well when there is a purpose or prize … now I will say this very well may not be the case but I have given this as a good example of yes this does and can happen … there needs to be a round table conference with every one together … every one needs to be given the same opportunity to talk


If you’ve tried to resolve this among you all to no avail, then I say you did the right thing. Protect your child at all costs.


I think talking with her even though you already did, but maybe be more :smiling_imp: this time , making a report could also open up a lot of unwanted situations but then again could scare her into not acting that way with ur son but his father should absolutely speak to her too and if he won’t u could sit down with both of them ? Hope it goes well either way ur son doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment at all.

Why can’t you speak directly to her?Seems like the perfect starting point.You don’t say how old your child is or how she is mistreating him.Its hard to advise when description is so vague.Obviously no one should ever physicaly touch your son,at home or away.If you’ve all ready called cps there’s not a lot you can do now.


Listen to your child
As when I was a child no one listened
Then report her
Then kick her ass


You did right by reporting it. If it comes out as false, at least you know he is safe. Well until the punishment for the false accusation. Lol

I would confront her personally and let her know if I hear of it again I’d be the one mistreating her.


Report do nothing cause you can’t help your child in jail. Let the authorities handle it

You have done the right thing because if u just left it and something bad happens to him when with her you would feel horrible for not doing something about it when he told u it was happening. Your just protecting your son x

You tried and it didn’t seem to matter to his father. I think your doing what’s best for your child. A well check at their home is good but your son will need to know to be honest when questions are being asked. I pray he doesn’t get scared and lie to make things ok. I understand kids play both sides , but my feelers are really thinking your son has hurt feelings over this because it is true. I’ll pray for your fam

His dad should have sorted this out with his wife not you. Protect your child.


Go straight to the source and advise her accordingly

And when you say step mom, are they in fact married or just living together ? Because that could be written on custody papers that unless they married she can’t watch him. Just throwing things out you gave rights to say and ask

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