My son wakes up covered in pee: Advice?

My son is nearly 18 months, and he keeps waking up covered in pee. I have gone up a size in nappies and tried different brands to see if that will help, but nothing has so far. Any suggestions on what to do?? Also, he has decided that when I change his bum, he will run off and pee everywhere. Do you think this means it’s time to potty train??


Have you tried overnight diapers?

Potty train and cut liquids off at a certain time before bed


Yes potty train but keep check on him during the night try to limit milk or water which every you give at night. I had the same issue with my daughter when she was little

Maybe just try double diapering. That’s what we’re having to do now because we were having the same issue.

maybe don’t let him drink a lot of liquids before bed

My son use to do this. We started using the night time diapers and changing him right before we lay him down. Didn’t have any more issues

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Time for bug boy panties and a potty chair

Definitely potty training time and cutting off liquids a few hours before bed time

We used night time diapers with the extra grip strips and made sure to point his penis as far down as possible

Het the night time huggies

Get a cloth diaper cover to put over his diaper and use nighttime diapers.

Any chance he’s sticking his hand in the diaper rearranging and is pointing it up instead of down?


For boys is hard for them to get the potty training until after 2 years but I would stop fluids about 2 or 3 hrs before bed…

Walmart believe it or not parents choice works better then Huggies pampers and loves and alot cheaper and I have tried all brands named above this is 3rd time! 11 -8 and 2 month old! You can pee literally like 10 times it will be full and not leak!


I was just starting to read this article, it has signs when child is ready

Yes start potty training and stop liquids an hour before bed

Have you tried changing his diaper half way through the night??.


Is a nappie a diaper?

Overnight diapers with spossie inserts.