My son was diagnosed with a tic: Advice?

My son, who is ten and a gifted student, has been diagnosed with a tic disorder which he has had since March. That was when COVID started, and his school was canceled. He constantly coughs and then wipes excess silica from his mouth. He finally got diagnosed by a neurologist, and even though it’s not contagious, I can’t send him to school in this age of the pandemic. He has started medication, but the doctor says it’s a form of Tourette’s. Has anyone else dealt with this?


Could it be a stressed induced tic? I only say that because of the timing.

My oldest who is also gifted did this. The more we pointed out the tic the more he developed. We ignored it and it went away eventually. We didn’t medicate for it however. We were told it is common in children.


My son has autism spectrum disorder and with that he also has tics. He grows out of them and then eventually picks up a new one. We just ignore it.


My son also has tic. I took him to the doctor and they said it’s from stress and to watch it. He was 11 at the time. He didn’t get any medication for it but however to this day if he get upset over something he does it and he is 15.


I had a student with tics. His would change every now and then. His mom let me know when one started so I could could give him a “secret signal” to help him stop. They took him to behavior therapy which I think really helped, and towards the middle of the yr he rarely had them. He was a great student and had friends. :blush:


My son has the tics were he licks his hands. His biological father has touretts. It is an extreme form of adhd that my x had and my son has.

Has he been tested for strep throat?

My son has autism as well and we have survived many tics over the years. We medicated him once and it was fine for like a year and then the medications started giving him neuromuscular spasms that I was told “could be permanent”. Like someone else said the more you talk about it and acknowledge it the more pronounced it will become. Good luck

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My son has has facial motor tics. One of them is he blinks a million miles a minute. He has out burst. He talks with his hand.

My son developed a tic after starting a new medication. It lasted well after he stopped.

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My 13 yr old was diagnosed with a tic when he was 8. He would make this weird high pitched noise with his throat. I just went to school and explained to his teacher what it was and asked them to try and ignore it or quietly let him know he was doing it, if it became disruptive. Most people don’t even notice anymore. It’s calmed down quite a bit and only comes out if he’s super tired or stressed.

When something traumatic happens kids can develop Tourette’s. It will usually pass in a few months. Probably depending on how traumatic the situation was.

You need to look into PANDAS, my son has it, Tics pretty much started overnight.
PANDAS can be mis diagnosed as OCD, Torettes and anxiety.
Please look into PANDAS, you need to get the blood tested for strep…

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Let them become part of your normal daily life. The more you acknowledge it, the more he’ll do it. My 12 year old has a few. The more stressed he is the worst they get.

My daughter was diagnosed when she was 11 with Tourette’s I went to school and explain to the teacher so she could explain to the class so they wouldn’t ridicule my daughter for something she had no control over. It’s not something that would make that’s been more susceptible to the corona it can be painful for him and also embarrassing it took me a few years to convince my daughter but if people can I get past the things he’s doing or saying to find out what kind of a person she is we don’t need them for your friend that was sad many nights crying but it does get better good luck

My brother has it. There are certain things that he focuses on that will lessen the tics, like hobbies, games, etc. Stress can make them worse. Things he can do with his hands and that require his full attention are a good way for him to calm it down some. He does not take medication , does not like it.


My daughter has developed a tic from using the computer so much since the pandemic. She makes a weird little noise and the longer she’s on the computer the worse it gets🥺
We noticed that over the summer when she wasn’t on the computer that it went away.

My 6 year old grandson started clearing his throat alot ,its kind of annoying at times and I was afraid he couldn’t do his 2 days of school because people would think its covid,but Doctor says it’s a tic


My husband and one of my daughters has this too. Stress is a big trigger so its not surprising with such a tough year and big changes. If it gets too bad sometimes singing or humming helps distract the brain away from it. :two_hearts: