My son will not drink milk: Any advice?

Since birth, he was on the nutramigin formula. So since it’s not. Milk based and he’s now 2…he refuses to drink milk. He doesn’t have milk allergies and does get calcium through cheese and yogurt. But it’s driving me nuts. All the drinks are apple juice. (literally)!!. Won’t drink water or any other liquids at all. Iv tried mixing the milk with chocolate. Strawberry. Mint…ext. Also tried adding water…skim milk…every milk known to man — even malt milk. Nothing works. He’s really skinny, and I know he’s growing well and he gets what he needs. I just would really like for him to drink milk. Any other suggestions?? Ik some kids just don’t drink milk, and that’s fine. But he will actually eat cereal with milk in it. So I’m confused. Need help


Make Oatmeal n drain the milk n see if he will drink it that way

My daughter didn’t drink milk either. Their bodies naturally tell them. I don’t think you should stress about it. Make sure he gets his calcium in other ways.

I do NOT drink any milk
My mother said I have not drank it since I was off the bottle at 1

Milk isn’t good for you :woman_facepalming:t2::grimacing:


I’d just substitute yoghurt and ice cream. He’ll get plenty of vitamins & nutrients from other foods so I don’t think you have to worry.
My sister never drank milk. Chocolate milk but not white milk all her life.
Give him Haagen-Daz ice cream, he will gain weight with that and it’s good for him. :wink:

As long as he’s getting calcium in other foods, milk isnt a necessity…


Skip it. Force is never the answer…


It’s not necessary and check with his Dr to see if supplements may be.

Why do you think he needs to drink milk?


Nesquik? Any of the protein drinks? Or just hide as much of it as you can in his foods. Google calcium rich foods/drinks and get it in him that way.

And cue all the milk is cruelty to cows, people.


We weren’t meant to drink other animals milk… so it’s natural for a lot of kids. If you gradually weaken the apple juice down a little at time… too much sugar/carbs…He can’t get hungry if he’s always pumped on sugar
You can try making home made milk with raw organic cashew nuts… put a bandanna in it and a splash of vanilla and or maple syrup… or coconut milk…


Pediasure… my kids didnt drink milk either… but my son didnt like to eat either but he literally got obsessed with his pediasure …

Cows milk is for cow babies


Ask your pediatrician … because most people think they know everything and really I’d get a professional to answer this .


All you can do is come back to it always try to offer it and maybe he will start to drink it. I’ve never had a problem my kids drinking milk they started with whole milk we now drink 2%. I didn’t even add the strawberry or the chocolate in with it until way later.

My daughter stop drinking milk a few years ago she said she just didn’t like it but yet She drinks strawberry milk.

My kids pediatrician always said that nesquick chocolate powder is on it has calcium in it and vitamins if that’s only way then try it …worked for me

Stop forcing milk on the child.


Why wouldn’t you call your pediatrician why on Earth would you get on Facebook and ask a bunch of random strangers.

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