My son with ADHD is struggling to sit still: What can I do for him?

So my son is 8 1/2 in 3rd grade and struggling big time. He is Adhd. I was hoping it would be something he grew out of, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. We got the diagnosis two years ago. He was on meds that were only school days. It seemed to help sometimes. Then by the time he got home, it was like his issues were way worse. He says his body just always feels like it needs to move. Yet he can sit and watch TV or video games for hours with no issues. Any advice to give?? I hate the idea of him being back on meds, but I understand that may be the only way. Was just wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks to help. Deeply grateful for any help. I hate having him feel like he’s a bad kid because he can’t sit still.


I’ve had same issues with my 10 year since that age but I do during school hours is I allow him to figit below camera scribble on side paper I allow extra breaks example 3 assignments per hour so on

My 5 year old uses the wobble chair at school! Really helps him

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I did the same. Only school times he would get his meds. But I found he was more settled getting his meds 24/7. Also once he went on fluoxetine it was night and day difference. I mean there are still issues but much less.
And it’s unlikely you’ll get an ADHD kid to sit still for long periods.

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My son was the same. On medication since he was 6. Now at 11 been off all meds for a year. I recommend a child sociologist, they can do a blood test to see what meds match his DNA that works.

Please change his diet, very little sugar

Was he on time release medicine?

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My son had two desks at school when he was younger and was allowed to pace between the two if needed. One was a standing desk so he could stand and kinda bounce which is one of his tics. He’s also on two meds when in school because his body metabolizes them so fast. He takes a second low dose at lunch to help make it through to the end of school. He has severe adhd and prefers to have his “focus” meds so he feels like he can actually think through questions.


Please read the side effects before medicating

My oldest son was the same way. It took the right teacher in the 4th grade that tried to understand him and allowed him to get up walk in the back of the room and go to the bathroom more frequently. Made a big difference. Can you interview different teachers? This teacher was “older” and had more experience with all types of kids.

There are hand figits at educational stores. It helped my son a lot. His teacher had a piece of tape with half of it folded over on itself into a flap stuck under his desk for him to figit with it helped keep him focused and in his chair.

My son used small fidgets during class and that really helped him focus better. For a while he was on a low dose of guanfacine, which really helped the fidgeting, and didn’t turn him in to a zombie. Many fewer side effects than the normal ADHD meds, since it’s not a a stimulant.
Behavioral counseling helped as well, to give him ways to recognize what’s happening, and tools to help alleviate. My son has been off meds about 3 years now.

Therapy can help the both of you put many tools in your tool box so he can feel successful.

From someone whom is ADHD. Caffeine helped me. (:


Have him sit on a yoga ball during class so he will always be moving… also chewing on stir straws helps… also giving half of a mt. Dew before school and half at lunch… i know it sounds weird but the caffeine has the opposite effect on adhd kids… my sons dr suggested it and his teacher agreed to give him half a can half way through the day… it worked wonders for him.


My son was diagnosed about that same age but refused putting him on medication. Adjusted his diet and sugar intake and didn’t have anymore problems. He graduated in 2019 as a beta club member

We use a sensory pillow, when seating is required for long periods of time. It works for my daughter who is now 11 and has just stopped using it as she doesnt need it anymore :grinning:

My first thought is a one legged stool or a yoga ball instead of a chair as a good place to start… then I’d also say therapy to help you both (as previously mentioned by others)

Give him a cup of coffee with just creamer. Seriously sounds crazy but i got 2 with adhd and if they are bouncing around more than usual i will give them coffee…settles them down. Has the opposite effect it does on a normal person

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Child need vitamin B -12
A multivitamin
And magnesium for the restless muscles… really helps
Lavender essential oil for calmness
He’s a kinesthetic learner…
ur son is actually really smart
He just learned hands on
And needs ur support
Make sure he’s hydrated
Electrolytes are important
It’s seems too simple to be true
But it will work!
Try this
Give it a month