My son's dad doesn't spend any time with him: Advice?

My ex lives with me so that he can see his four-year-old son every day, but when he isn’t at work, he spends most of his time in the garage playing the game or watching TV; I try to tell him that he should pay attention to his son & spend time with him properly, but he acts like I’m just trying to start an argument with him all the time, I’m at my wit’s end & am fed up


Sounds like he needs to move out. Don’t let him take advantage of you.


Time for him to find some place to live


Why is your ex living with you? Tell him the if he doesn’t plan on spending time with your son then he needs to find someplace else to live.


Kick him out, he obviously doesn’t care about spending time with the child. Don’t let him take advantage of you and y’all’s situation.


Defeats the purpose of having him there, say adios


Wont spend time with your kid. Would be no different him living there or not.


Who is paying the rent and utilities? If it is you, kick his sorry butt out. You don’t need that kind of example for your son v


He’s using u… or he could at least take his son out to the garage n play with him too

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He has little interest in the boy with the exception of his basic care. Boys need a male role model to learn how to be a man. Same thi g happened to me.

Why would you have your ex live with you? Kick him out!!!


Your ex lives with you because it’s convenient for him. Send him packing! If he wants to invest in your son, he will. He doesn’t need to live with you to do so. You sure as hell don’t need to have to ask him to spend time with him, just to be ignored… in your own house! Let him be a deadbeat dad on his own. Don’t enable it any longer.


He needs move out and give kid a routine and consistency doesn’t work living with ex like that and kids do see it and suffer.i know from experience and my mental health suffered bad

Uh there is no need for him to live with you. He doesn’t have to live with you to see his child. And he isn’t even seeing him. Sounds like he’s just using you.

Tell him to get his own place, no need to live together while not being together. If he wants to see his son he will need to make the effort

Sounds like he’s there for the roof over his head and anything else he can get. :roll_eyes: i hate moochers.


Kick him out, end of ati

Kick him out and den see if he plays daddy then!!!


You can’t force a parent to be a parent because you want them to. If your arrangement was to have him live there so he can see the child more and he isn’t acting on that, you can’t force him to be a Dad but you might as well kick him out.
He’s obviously using you. Kick him out and make room for someone who deserves to be there. You both deserve better then that. You and your son, I mean.


Sounds like he is using you for a place to stay drfinitely time for him to leave! If he has no interest being there he won’t have any interest when he’s living somewhere else!