My son's father thought he had to always call a female friend when he was drunk

Did I over react? My son’s father would want to go out to the bar every single time he drank. He can’t control his drinking and calls all women crazy…except for his female friends. There was one “friend” that he texted and she said “I’m sorry your girl friend is crazy. Do you want me to come to you?” And he answered, “That would be great.” To me that sounds like she’s more than a friend?? I told him that she obviously had a thing for him and she needed to back off.

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Definitely hard not to over react. These things start off innocent.

I think you need to check him and his behavior while hes drunk. People only do what you allow them to do and obviously this girl was way to comfortable with him to even say what she said but thats not her fault thats his and you need to hold him accountable not her … he needs to stop entertaining women.

Yeah she knew he wasn’t single. So she obviously didn’t care. But I agree…his fault. No need to call another woman. Also…he ended up with this same woman. So I obviously was right.

You would want her to care cuz if there is no one to cheat with you cant cheat lol but the fact that she doesn’t care isnt the problem … she doesn’t owe her anything… he didnt care and he should care more than the woman cuz hes with her the fact that he didn’t care is the problem but even more so is why is this woman putting up with someone who she obliviously can see that he dont care?? Is really the bigger problem. We can walk around putting the blame of our situations on other people all day if you choose too… but the suffering doesn’t stop and the hurt doesn’t change until we fix the problem and the problem isn’t that he calls other women when he is drunk its that he calls other women when he drunks and ends up with these women the problem is that he does what he does and the gf does nothing about it… people only do what you allow them to do… he sleeps with other women and you stay with him he will keep sleeping with other women and the first time you find out about what he does and nothing happens you are telling him its ok to do it and there for acknowledging his actions… it is now your fault not his or hers you!! You know he does what he does and you stay… every time he does it you stay… get mad but stay… and you continue the relationship so to him he can do what he wants and will continue to do it until you hold yourself and him accountable for what goes on in your relationship