My son's girlfriend has an issue with everything my wife does: Advice?

.My wife is the right person who takes things to heart. She brought her son’s wife a gift for a gender reveal party, and she said she doesn’t like nor want it when our son was told he said you should ask people what they want before you get it. Then my wife brought our son and his son a shirt to match for gender reveal. The soon wife doesn’t like it, so my wife told them to buy it their selves. Everything my wife has picked out she doesn’t like, so our question is, what would others do in this situation. My mom could have been a lot better to my wife, but my wife never disrespected my mom


Tell your son to tell his wife to respect his mother does your son have no respect for her ridiculous


If the kids are over 18 then you can’t really do much about it. Maybe ask them before buying something or don’t buy them anything at all if she never seems to like anything.


The girlfriend sounds like someone who will never be pleased / happy, so I say quit trying!


Don’t get her none & listo!

The girlfriend sounds rude. I was taught you always say thank you for a gift weather you like it or not. Someone went out of there way to get it for you thinking of YOU!


I think the sons wife was very disrespectful to his mom. When someone buys you a gift normal people are not rude and say they dont like gift. Girl sounds spoiled and entitiled.son should tell her to apologize to his mom.


This is confusing :joy: I thought I was following along good until the end.


Unfortunately we can’t control how others feel just how we react to their antics. :disappointed_relieved:

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I think the daughter in law deserves a nice cussing. Even if she didn’t like the gift, ITS A GIFT. That goes for the matching shirts aswell. Say thank you and keep it moving.
The son should definitely say something to his wife. Thats his mother and she deserves some respect.


Maybe the girlfriend had plans for the gender reveal, like a color scheme or something for the way they dressed. I dont know, I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt here.
I think the solution is to either ask or just stop buying anything, although that may open a different can of worms.
Personally, I would rather know if someone liked what I got them because I would hate to just waste money if it wouldnt be used.


That is just rude of her! I say don’t buy them shit anymore!

Obviously the gf has zero fucking manners. I say stop doing things for them don’t get them anything

Never spend time or money on people who can’t even treat you with human decency.


Simply dont buy them sht. The girlfriend is an ungrateful brat who is also disrespectful as well. Sounds like a control freak. The son sounds too in love to speak over her, which them makes him a bit disrespectful as well. You guys will never get anywhere with them. Just dont buy them anything or gifts them anything.
As the wife said to them, let them buy their own sh


She’s a narcissistic brat.


I feel sorry for the son. He has to put up with someone like that.

I would move MY son home . Are we allowed to do that ?


Honestly if they wanted to act that way about it they would be on their own if I was the parent!!! They would either learn to respect me or not get my help!!! it sounds like to me she just wants to disagree with everything the mom is doing and it sounds like the sun is doing the same thing because the wife is doing it. My friends daddy does that and I can’t stand it. He agrees with everything the wife says or does! Like not having a mind of your own!

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Tell your son he needs to respect his mother. I have a monster in law ans I bite my tongue there has been many times my husband should’ve said something but didn’t. It seems the opposite here I wish I had a nice mother in law your son needs to find a better girlfriend