My sons keep getting UTI's: Advice?

I have three boys. The oldest was circumcised but had some issues, so we decided our next two weren’t going to be circumcised. However, both of them ended up with UTI’s. We always, ALWAYS pull the skin back and clean, and we also change diapers every 2-3 hours. We use scented, sensitive wipes. My question is, has anyone dealt with UTI’s and if they were uncircumcised, did you decide to circumcise after? We just can’t decide what to do now, and I know no one can make that decision for us. But I just want to hear other people’s experiences.

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Try unscented wipes.


Try water wipes. Scented one aren’t great on them


Uncircumcised will have more issues than circumcised. If they are still young, I’d say have them circumcised…problems with the first don’t necessarily mean problems again…just my opinion.

Do they have constipation issues? The two can be related!

Don’t use anything scented!


Try using small wet towels instead of wipies.


Don’t use bubble bath. It was the cause

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Get them circumcised !


It is easier on them to get it done when little then when adult then major problem


Try using wet rags n maybe look into circumsition and different ways to be circumcised while they’re still little, I know a few guys thats older n had to get it done to keep infections away.and they said that was the worst pain ever and wished the mother would of did it while younger. Two of my grandsons they did what they called a penis ring to circumcise them no cutting or bleeding and it came off in two weeks.

I would have baby’s kidneys checked out. My friends daughter always had them and it was her kidneys realizing. I would also incorporate some form of cranberry if possible.

First of all you are NOT suppose to pull the skin back. That could be the cause right there, from irritation. The skin will retract all on its own. My one son gave himself a UTI from pulling his skin back too far and causing irritation.

My son was a little over a year when he was circumsized

I have them alot and I’m a female :laughing:

Neither one of my boys were circumcised…one is 17 now and the other is 7…neither one of them have ever had a UTI…however, sometimes UTIs aren’t necessarily caused by not being circumcised…it could be another underlying issue…(such as not enough water intake, too much sugar, etc). Maybe ask a doctor what could be causing the UTIs and then go from there

My grandsons just got circumcised 2 weeks ago they are 4 and 5 years old they are fine.

Have you had their sugar levels checked?

Had the same issue with one boy, doctor recommended he be circumcised as they were so often, had it done when he was about 3, and never had the problem again. Also he healed very well, and was running and jumping around the same day


I’m sure that might not be a reason have you spoke to your doctor? Not sure how old your boys are but the skin doesn’t go back for years not sure how manny all they have is a pee hole so there’s no way it’s dirty under the skin at a small age the only way I can think of is wrong wipes and not changing diaper often can corse UTI in all boys circumcised or not.