My sons neck is always raw: advice?

Hii, I’ve asked a few questions before for advice, but I’m completely at a loss here because I’ve tried nearly everything, including our pediatrician’s recommendations. My son’s neck (5 months) is constantly raw and obviously not pleasant. I’m not sure what another way to describe the issue. But I make sure to wipe his entire neck, in every little fold, w/ a sensitive wipe to make sure there’s not any dirt or grime stuff he’s managed to carry along in there at least three times a day (his pediatrician recommended sensitive wipes so it wouldn’t irritate it as much) and then follow that w/ Aquaphor. But nothing’s helping. He gets baths regularly w/ your average Head to Toe baby soap if that helps any. I’m looking for new things to try to keep his neck from getting so irritated. Literally anything helps! ty in advance :))


I did cornstarch. It was messy but it helped keep it dry


Aquaphor & cornstarch helps diaper rashes…could help the neck. Did the doctor check for a yeast infection since it’s constantly raw?

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Cornstarch and make sure your drying the area good.

Use cornstarch. His neck rolls are staying too moist and it’s causing that breakdown. Keep it clean and dry.

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Less baths, keep it clean but dry. And I’d ditch that soap.

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Cornstarch baby powder.


Stop using wipes… sensitive still doesn’t change the fact it’s prob making it worse!! Try using a wet paper towel instead to wipe him and switch to vaseline but maybe some cetaphil diaper rash cream on prior to the vaseline and dab when ur doing the wet paper towel and Vaseline the wiping motion can make it worse and try to keep it as dry as possible…


No wipes. Ouch.
Warm wash cloth. After bath make sure every crease is dry then layer with pure corn starch!!! Do this several times a day…check his legs behind the knees and in the thigh folds and arms and under arms.

I had 2 rollie pollie babies who never had this issue bc i was on top it !

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Constantly dry with a baby rag or towel and use Aveeno oatmeal.


Never add cornstarch to yeast infection!! It will make it worse, not better!

Yes, the wetness in his little baby neck is why, but my babies would have the same issue till I figured it out…so after u bathe him and dry him , use bibs and or a burp cloth during feedings to keep it dry.

There’s an aquaphor baby bath, use that at bath time

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Keep a bib on him, change when the drool saturates it. Apply cornstarch every time you change the bib.

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Less baths, make sure it’s dry after you use the wipes. Corn starch is what I used when we had this issue.

Sulfur powder mixed in petroleum jelly

Could be a skin yeast infection. If that’s the case none of those creams will work, you’ll need an antifungal cream

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Dont use baby soap we had the same issue and our doctor told us to use an adult dove bar and aquaphor it cleared up significantly in a couple weeks

Stop using wipes all together and use a warm baby wash rag… I babysit forva boy and if I use diaper wipe on his skin besides his butt and hands it gets red rashes.

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Less baths, do every other day if possible. I only use the johnsons soothing soaps and lotion. And when my sons neck gets irritated I put coconut oil on it 3-4 times daily. I see results after 24 hours usually. It’s From my son drooling so much haha