My sons school is trying to push me to medicate him: Advice?

I have a 6-year old that the school has backed me in a corner pushing meds for my 6-year-old due to lack of self-control, hitting, not doing work, sitting still, etc. He sorta seems to have ADHD with their description of him yet at home n normal nonschool times is just a typical 6 years old. Yet since the school speaks these things in front of him, he definitely is playing it up and laughs about the chaos he is causing. Loves that he comes early and pretty much acts fine. We do time outside loss of items, screen times, over ni GB hits, etc. Has any dealt with this, did you try Adderall as they the school wants, the Doctor agreed the behavior is night n day and probably cause he likes the attention and outcome the staff gives him. He gets to run, be chased, babied with a toy alone in another area while the others stay in class. He gets enty if love and attention at home, I promise. At this point, the school is demanding some type of medicine for him to attend, what would you do, go ahead and try the med? If you did, did it make a difference He has always been high energy and as the principal has said and doctor a typical six years old pushing his limits, testing and being a boy banging toys, etc


I would do a diet change before I ever considered pharmaceutical interventions. food dyes are directly linked to ADD and ADHD and a slew of other health issues. under no circumstances would I allow a school district to force me to medicate my child either. I would homeschool if they are not willing to work on it with you and support a diet change… As well as other things that are not pharmaceutical intervention to help reduce symptoms of ADD and ADHD

In GA it’s against school policy to suggest meds, especially to insist! We can’t even suggest the kid has ADHD!


Please don’t do it. We medicated my son and it made him worse and I truly believe it caused his depression and suicide later on.

I suggest finding an advocate immediately.
Schools are not allowed to bring up medication, or make demands about medication.


I’d resist unless you and the doctor agree. Request an evaluation.
Public school?
Private schools can pretty much remove a kid for any reason but public schools cannot

If you feel he don’t have ADHD I definitely wouldn’t put him on medication for it. If a doctor doesn’t think he has it then I would tell the school no he isn’t getting medicated and not to bring it up again.


I would go to school with him for a few days and see what’s going on.


I honestly would take him to a healthcare professional yourself and tell them what you observe and have them test him. If you truly believe in your heart that he doesn’t have an issue, then get your own diagnoses. Not one from a school who are dealing with dozens of other children. It may be the wrong environment for him. It may be other factors. I had the same issue with my daughter in 3rd grade. She was fine up until then, and the next year perfectly normal. They wanted her medicated because her father passed away. 2 years later the school was shut down because they were forcing all parents to medicate their children and another school opened up which parents pulled their kids out and went to the new school.

If he has no diagnosis, what are you meditating for exactly?
A child whom may be in love with the attention he’s receiving? Is he too smart and bored? As a mom with a gifted child who has adhd, some schools will definitely kill the ability to learn putting so much focus on the potential adhd than realizing how quickly he learns or already knows what they’re teaching.


When my son was 5 the school suggested I get him tested for adhd . I thought it was in his best interest and they diagnosed him with adhd and odd. Now 6 years later he’s 11 and depends on medication just to get through the day!

I got called to school with my oldest in grade school… round table meeting with nurses, psychologists, My own personal Dr, etc.15 of them in all! I refused and never regretted it for a minute!!!

Do your research
Schools get a check for children that are on medication. May not have good intentions

There needs to be consequences when he gets home from school and stick to them.


You need to have him professionally evaluated


My nephew has ADHD n hated meds so he started drinking a short black when he got too hyped,(even at school at 8-9 years old) worked better/faster than meds n no side effects like grogginess etc. If the doctor says he’s not ADHD the school has no right to challenge that. Get a letter from the doctor for the school so they know its not ADHD n doesn’t need meds

When my son was in grade school, they did the exact same thing. We tried meds, jumped thru the hoops. I finally took him off the meds…come to find out he did not have ADD. He had a learning disability.

Why would you agree to medicate or even consider medicating him when he clearly does not need it and even the doctor says he’s doing it because he’s getting attention? Your child is not the problem. The school personnel is the problem. They are not setting limits and boundaries. They are teaching him that bad behavior gets him what he wants. It doesn’t matter what you do at home to correct the problem. It won’t help. The problem is at school.


Only a medical doctor can SUGGEST (and not force) medication. You need a lawyer. This is especially concerning that he has no diagnosis.


No no no!!! Stay away from pharmaceuticals for children.
Look into homeopathic stuff.
Also the school shouldn’t be pushing meds! I’d get a lawyer and have them speak to the school.