My SO's friend doesn't discipline their child: Advice?

What would you do if your so-called close friend doesn’t really deal with their three-year-old child hitting other children, my child? Who is almost five doesn’t want to play with the other child because the child will hit if it doesn’t get its way. Snatches toys, throw toys, says no, and screams if it doesn’t get its way.


Handle the child, seperate them, don’t allow them to come over. When they ask why be honest.


Just be honest with her tell If y’all so close of friends it shouldn’t be that big of a problem just sit down and have a conversation

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Who cares who’s child it is. Stick up for YOUR own child if they won’t do anything about it. You can nicely but sternly say “Excuse me! Please don’t hit _____ again that’s not nice”


Do not let your child play with that kid. If she asks why tell her. My child does not want to be around your child because he hits and you do nothing to correct the behavior. It may end your relationship if they are pretty. But your baby comes first.


I wouldn’t let my child around the misbehaved child. I would be honest. But that’s way to old not to know manors! I would be honest. Tbh I rather lose a friend over being honest. Then continue letting my child being bullied.


A friend’s child did this to my kid once back in 2014 I handled her kid and then I handled her and I threw them out of my house. Don’t let them come over anymore. especially if she knows how her child acts to your child and she’s not doing anything about it…


I mean you could always tell your kid to hit the other kid back :woman_shrugging:t2:


These ladies are right and this is teaching your child two things :see_no_evil:one is it is normal to be hit :see_no_evil:and the other is that it’s actually ok to hit :see_no_evil: definitely need to have a word with your friend x

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Why refer to the child as “it”


Maybe she was over disciplined as a child and doesn’t really k ow what to do. I put a time out chair in the kitchen and anyone entering my house had a set of rules as soon as they walked in.
No hitting
No throwing toys
No biting
No being a bully
It was said to all kids before I visited the mom and the parents knew I was serious. I had a couple friends like this and it worked pretty good. I would sit there if they moved and the time out was one minute per year old. Hugs it’s frustrating I know. But you just don’t know how your friends were really raised sometimes

Tell that child hey your mama may not yell at you in your house but in mine I will. Tell him the rules of your house and if he doesn’t behave he can’t come over and say it in front of their parents


Strait up Say sorry he don’t want yo play because your child is mean and hurts him all The time.
I don’t blame him. What can i do to help, I will put him in time out if he hurts again. Anyone visiting has to follow House rulea or they cant visit. This is our hime, our safe space.
It’s ok to have boundries!


If a kid is at my house they get treated like they’re mine and that includes disciplining them. And if their parent has a problem I’m going to handle them too. My house my rules and if you don’t like it bye :woman_shrugging:


Speak up.

You protect your child. Tell the other child “We don’t hit, do not hit childs name again”

Or don’t allow them to play together, and say something to the friend, that they need to get their childs behavior in check or they wont be allowed around your child, because your child doesnt need to be getting hit.

If you havent already communicate your feelings with your friend, if she isnt listening when the child hits speak to the child in a calm friendly tone and explain that hitting isnt okay that it hurts and seperate them until the child calms down or says sorry

say something to your friends child whenever they hit your kid. i always correct bad behavior and would expect/hope others would do the same with my child

Don’t hang out together. And if she asks tell her the way you’d want to be told.

Take all of her toys. Put her in time out. My house my rules no hitting and no disrespecting others and their stuff.

Speak up even if your SO’s friends are in the room. Tell him/her not to be hitting & to be nice & if he/she can’t be nice they can’t come over to play anymore & if the parents have an issue with that tell them to teach their child not to act like that in someone else’s home or with other children