My special needs child might be kicked off the bus: Advice?

My soon to be four-year-old son goes to preschool for children with iep and special needs. (He hasn’t been diagnosed yet.) We have had a few instances, but nothing this bad. Today he was kicking, biting, hitting, cursing the bus aid. Saying things like you mother***** and so on… I am so upset about this. His teacher called me to let me know this is his warning if it continues, he will no longer be able to ride the bus. Please don’t tell me he needs his but whooped he is a special needs child. He doesn’t benefit from that in any way.


Take him to counseling. Go to the doctor.

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Once he is diagnosed you can request a one to one aide to sit with him on the bus.


Drive your kid. He’s not ready for the bus, clearly.


Even with special needs he has to learn consequences. If whoopin’ his butt doesn’t work you’re gonna have to find something that does. Words are words but physically assaulting people deserve Swift and immediate consequences. If you’re passive now you won’t believe the Hell and high water you’re gonna be in for in a few more years. This is not something I would tolerate in any way shape or form.


Talk with him, the school and find out what set him off. Learn to have him chronologically tell what happend prior to the event. That usually helps find the trigger. It will take some time and patience to get the entire story out of him. Start there


Look into ABA therapy! Also you can request a behavioral therapist go into his class and evaluate him as well!

What type of special needs? Different special needs require different responses.


The best advice in a situation like this would be to talk with his physician. Why does he not have any diagnosis but is in a school for children with disabilities? I would make that the priority, you’ll need that to work on developing an IEP or even to know how best to help him with his behaviors.
In terms of the school, these types of behaviors on the bus are usually a pretty big concern because of the safety involved. I would develop a plan on what you will do if he can no longer ride the bus.


The bus may be overwhelming for him and that’s the only way he knows how to communicate.
Pull him off the bus, for his safety and the safety of the other children.


Why has he not been diagnosed?! Take him to see someone. At this point he should have already been there. I get that he is special needs but you’ve got to find another way for him to channel his angry energy.


Kids repeat what they see and hear. Gonna leave it at that. :v:


I would drive him and pick him up…
He cant just be hitting, kicking, bitting people
You have to think of the saftey of every one else on the bus and if he is putting them at risk then yes they could kick him off


Where is he getting the cussing from. The outbursts may be activity on 5he bus. Over sensory or even others bullying by the time he reacts he loses it. You can have your doctor write a letter with the requirement of a personal care aid who would care for him possibly on the bus and in class paid for by your insurance.

You can’t be mad at the school for denying him access to the bus. He is obviously a physical danger to others. You’ll have to drive him yourself and get a diagnosis and try to see if meds or counseling, etc will help, but he cannot stay in any situation where he will be a danger to himself or others.


He needs a 1:1 on the bus. Call an emergency IEP meeting and request it. My son was in the same predicament.


Sounds like you need to meet with his Dr. and change his meds.

My friend rides with kids who have special needs. I hear stories like that from her time to time. See if he can be on a special bus and they have adults on the bus with them.

Positive reenforcement. Have a reward chart. He gets a sticker every time he doesn’t have an issue and gets a reward after so many stickers. Start small like after two or three stickers. Fill a bag with dollar tree items and he gets to pick. He will start learning to work towards it.


I’m not trying to be that rude person and trust me when i say my niece and nephew are on the autism spectrum, the oldest she’s 6 will cuss sometimes when she’s mad and she sees that from my sister. I’m just being blunt here, kids will monkey see monkey do.