My spouse got caught with a second facebook: Advice?

What to do when your spouse got caught with a 2nd Facebook. The second Facebook says in an open relationship. There are no pictures or friends. But I found it, and he told me this after 7 hrs he remembered he made it. His excuse, I play a game. I made the clan member and I a profile. I do not know if its women or a man. I haven’t used it since I made it. I forgot about it. Now let me mind u that he added some ppl to his real profile from this game. The profile I knew about. One of the game clan members states she is the boss. He plays this game nonstop for almost three months now. I’m pretty sure he does it at work too. I’m upset and feel betrayed. What or how would you approach this? I know he hasn’t cheated because he comes home on time and leaves on time.


Well ILL JUST SAY I play a game that sounds similar to this and I too have made extra accounts for my “farm” accounts. So that half doesnt seem too far fetched.


Can I ask what game is this?

I have a second account for gaming and my gaming friends. I also post game play videos I don’t want on my personal page.


Probably talks to girl on the second profile idk especially since he put in an open relationship


I use a 2 account when I play a game. When my x left pof up on my laptop and I seen did not have kids that really upset me

Lmaoo been there done that. Hes talking to bitches. Save yourself the heart ache. If he had nothing to hide why would he not tell you about it ? And why would it say open relationship

I think ur reading to much into it…in the past,I have made extra accounts for my games as well. …if ur confused, it’s mostly to "cheat"in the game…send yourself things (items,coins,whatever) …etc.


I have like 3 Facebook’s 🤷🏻 it sounds like it’s for gaming. If he’s not doing anything wrong don’t be upset… Ask him to look at the account and the messages on that account to ease your mind


Before you accuse him too much…I know A LOT of people who have multiple accounts for this purpose.


If he’s home and doing his job to help support the household stop trippin

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I had a second profile so I could send myself lives xxx

I once created 5 accounts for a game before I discovered I could add strangers as friends to help me out in the game.

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2nd account’s for gaming is common however I too would feel hurt by the relationship status even if it wasn’t his current acct


I mean it kinda sounds legit.

Its more a trust issue in your relationship then the game. Thats the issue not the game or random extra profile with no friends.

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Caught? It’s against the rules to have a second FB? He made it 7 years ago and hasn’t touched it since. Why are you even worried about this?


Just bcuz he is on time doesn’t mean he hasn’t cheated. Cheating isn’t just physical


I have a second account for fb buying and selling and games

As a gamer, my husband and I both do this. I have a personal account, and a gaming account. We both play our games with people of the opposite sex, have them as friends on our pages and we all speak even when not playing. Given we dont play fb games, we play ps4, xbox, and PC but all of us come together on fb too. I think you may be thinking too far into it personally but I dont really know you or you’re man to say something is off. I personally wouldnt be with somone who doesnt want me talking to people and being who I am, doing what I love to do. As long as I’m not overstepping boundaries in my relationship, there should be no problems about who I game with