My spouse never cleans up or buys things for the baby: Shouldn't he know these things?

My SO doesn’t feel the need to clean up anything or bypasses everything that needs cleaned up in the house. He will wait until I complain for him to help me. Then he gets mad because I complained. He doesn’t buy the baby anything it’s always me getting diapers, formula and clothes. He says I should tell him when the baby needs more diapers or bigger clothes or when the formula runs low. Do I really need to be telling him these things?! Shouldn’t he be responsible himself to know when the baby needs things?


I have always said if he can help make the baby he can help raise the baby. It’s not hard for him to look and say hey we need more of this or of that n go get it.


Shut down the candy store…


My ex did the same. Then decided he didn’t need to work at all and just sat on his ass all day playing video games while I worked 40+ hours a weeks, then gets a attitude when I ask him when he’s going to get a job. So hun dump him he’s not good for you emotionally.

Keep a note pad and when each of u notice the baby needs some thing right it down and if u notice the baby need things before he does why not just tell him


Men are often “DUH”. You may have to tell him when. They don’t think like us.


Just tell him you need stuff and if you do most of the baby work hes not gonna know sadly , my hubby was the same way for a while cause i was breastfeeding and when i stopped , i was like um we need shit and hes like well just tell me and ill get it and bam 💁 solved the worlds problems :joy::joy: some just dont know 💁

Are you married?? Is he the father of the child?? Do you work or are you a stay at home mom? If the child is both of yours tel him to get off his ass and be a better parent.

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Who is the full-time caregiver of bub? If it’s you then just realize that he may bot be as aware of whats needed. It seems he is willing to help, just not sure what to do. Don’t make a rod for your your own back /relationship by finding fault, teach him . Ask and accept his help. Let him grow into the position of perfect dad.


He should it would be nice but don’t hold your breathe! Sounds like your job your gonna have to make this one of your mom jobs and just bite your tongue pick your battles some things aren’t worth the battle! I always took care of all my kids wants and needs when the kids get older they know which one to go to for when they want something !

Try communicating instead of complaining


Get a little white board for the fridge and write stuff on there that you need and see if that helps.

Men are different creatures than women, you might want to pick your battles on this one.


Get a grip and get a proper man :+1:


Male brain. Get a white board and make lists of what is needed and maybe even stuff that needs to be done around the house.

sounds like your a nagger

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If he was capable of being a team that pulled their half of the load, he’d already be doing it.

He’s not into this 50/50. Are you into this 100/0? bad choices, baby sperm donors do not good partners make. Ladies, mothers, girls, a person unwilling to make a commitment to you is a bad choice. You love him, does he love you?

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Men are stupid so yes u have to tell them everything write a list and say don’t come back without these things … maybe even a chore list lol they r like children and have to be guided most of them anyways


Sounds like you’re raising two kids…