My spouse says he won't take our son to church: Should I take him?

If your spouse says you can not take HIS kids (they’re yours biologically as well!!) to church and goes on and on about it, but your son is struggling with life and wants to go and see what it’s all about, does that make me wrong for wanting to take him? I thought about going on my own in the past, but I always felt like I would have to do it in secret. Please weigh in on marriages with different religions or no religion. And who really says what goes when one person is hellbound determined that it can’t be any other way.


You said it yourself: He’s YOURS TOO. Take him.

You take him expecially if he wants to go

Marriage is about love, respect and comprimise. Your son should get to go and make his own mind up. And your husband shouldn’t stop you from going just because he doesnt want to.

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If he wants to go take him.

Non religious household here- if our kids ever show an interest or curiosity in religion we would be happy to teach them about it and/or take them to a church they would like to check out. We would never push our beliefs (or non beliefs) on anyone, including our kids! And we want to encourage questions and curiosities of all kinds! I would take the dads feelings into consideration but I think you and he need to have a pretty serious talk to come up with an agreement on how it should be introduced to your son in a way you’re both comfortable with.


If he wants to go, take him.

My mom forced us to go and I hated it. I’m giving my kids the option of being religious, non religious or seeking a different religion.


Both my husband and I are atheist, however, we have decided that when our girls are old enough and decide for themselves they want to check it out we support them 100% even if we are the ones who take them


Why the hell are you married to someone you think is hell bound? Wtf. Do your husband a favor and leave.

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The child. It is their right to be whatever they want

Let the kid decide. :grin: No harm in seeing what it’s all about. This coming from an Agnostic. I have nothing against religion or the church but my dad took me just so I could make up my own mind.

Ask your son if he wants to visit church, temple, synagogue etc. If he says yes, take him.

Religion should be up the children in my opinion. They have to learn some how and they shouldnt have their parents beliefs or lack there of shoved down their throat. I would take my kids and my husband could get over himself

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I’m not understanding why he’s being denied the house of the lord…of all places. Maybe it’s what he needs. Take him!

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Religion should be a personal choice. No one should be forced into one they did not choose or be denied one they want to seek. Taking him to church may find the answers he seeks or it may not, but you’ll never know if the answer to his problems could have been this simple if you don’t try. He is his own person and has a right to find his own answers, wherever those may be. Trying to stop him from doing so will just cause him to resent you.


My husband doesn’t really believe in religion but I am a Christian I go every Sunday and take our daughter he will attend with me sometimes but also respects my beliefs so even though we have our differences it doesn’t bother him that we go


My SO isn’t religious at all. I was raised Catholic and went to private school. He didn’t have any problem with us Baptising our kids or me taking them to church because he knows it’s important to me. He just doesn’t go with us to weekly services.


I do not go to church, I do however believe in God. 2 summers ago my daighter started expressing interest in going to church. The last 2 summers she has went to Bible camp and goes to Wednesday night youth group. If he wants to go, take him. It is his choice to decided what to believe in


My husband and I are both NOT religious. But if they wanted to figure it out themselves and asked for us to take them, we would. :woman_shrugging:

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If he wishes to go take him just dont force it.