My spouse started a gofund me for a house fire and kept the money for himself: Advice?

My s/o recently up and left his family of 20yrs this past July. He has all of his belongings and has been out of the house for around 2.5 months. No explanation was just gone. Fast forward to sept. My daughter and I lost our home to fire…everything we had ruined… My daughter’s father started a go fund me thru his organization and raised a good amount to get us back on our feet…well, once the money came he took half stating since it was his “hook up,” he was entitled. My daughter and I are left to figure out how to pick up the pieces while he runs off with the funds…he lost nothing…We lost it all… My question is …is he entitled to the money raised to help me and my daughter rebuild …just because he started it?

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You could attempt to take him to court. GoFund me has a policy that ensures money goes where it was promised. You should look more into it here:

There is a link to report that you’re the beneficiary of a fundraiser, and the organizer hasn’t delivered the money to you.

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Reach out to gofundme & report it.

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Hit him up for child support. They will ask why he took the money

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No,that is fraud,look into an attorney and I would blab to everybody including his supiorors and people he worked with also look into who to contact about the go fund me account he had set up,he is for sure a p.o.s.

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I’d rat him out and tell everyone the news the site everyone

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Sad that some r greedy n do shady things like that knowing others are struggling ;”(

That is horrible and I’m so sorry he is a sad excuse for a man. Go get that money!

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He is not entitled to any of the money. Report him.

I would put him on blast. He basically took his daughters money cause it should go toward getting a roof over her head, new clothing and food.

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Contact go fund me and let them know. Also post a comment on the page so people stop contributing.

Contact your local news station and ask them if they’re interested in your story. Put him on blast


Also depending on what state you are in there are emergency grants available, donations of clothes/food/necessities please reach out to your community.

Fraud. Get a lawyer.

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No it is yours that is not right he is not helping you. That is wrong

Hell no what a jerk!

That is straight fraud. Report him to police and his organization.


Sue his lying greedy ass!!! Are his parents proud of what he’s done???

Screenshot the GO fund me page and blast his ass. Take pictures of conversations post them and blast his ass everywhere!!!

The fact that you’re second guessing if it’s ok, makes me sad. This is fraud.