My spouse works with someone that I feel uncomfortable with: Advice?

Mine SO has a woman that he works with. They are really close and almost to close for my comfort. This didn’t become uncomfortable for me until we all went to a get-together, and she was ignoring her family to follow mine, SO around EVERYwhere, he went. I shrugged it off, telling myself that he is probably the only one that she is comfortable without of all the other coworkers. Then it started getting weird as she was racing in front of me to get next to him, and I just laughed because I started seeing what was going on. My SO started getting nervous and even sweating. I told him it’s fine and I’m not worried about it. Well, when we were getting our family together to head home she asked for a ride to her house… she lived around the corner, and when my SO told her no (because we couldn’t fit her and her family in the same car as our family) she told him that her husband would walk with their kids and she can just ride with us…??? He again told her, no, and she almost threw a fit and came up to me telling me she really wanted us to come over and asked about four times getting the same answer out of me “we can do it another weekend, but it’s late, and the kids need to get home.” Four times! She bought my SO an extravagant gift, and on the card that she gave him, she didn’t include our family and just made the card out to him. There have been other things, but these are the most recent events. Should I have a conversation with her? I’ve tried letting the earlier events go, but it won’t stop, and it’s becoming frustrating. My SO thinks I’m overreacting about the card, but isn’t it just respectful to acknowledge the entire family on the card? And after the way she acted at the get-together, it made the unmentioned family that we have more frustrating.Am I overreacting?


Nope, this woman is out of line.


No, tell your so to tell her to back the hell off


Something smells fishy


No. She is crossing so many boundaries. Hubby needs to be the one to tell her to back off.


I say a conversation with her needs to be held. She is clearly over stepping her boundaries. If your husband is feeling harrassed even at work then I would file for harrassment. If that doesn’t work a good old fashion ass whoopin is what she needs.

Tell her to step back

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Call her out! Shes overstepping her boundaries! Make it known you wont tolerate it.


It is his job to put her in her place. If she feels comfortable stepping over the line it is because your man is letting her.


Why did he start to sweat is my question? Hmm


The fact your husband was getting nervous is a massive red flag to me.


You better get rid of her she ain’t no friend of yours or your family


No you’re not. People need to respect others family.

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womens intuition… call her out on it.

Trust your gut. In my experience the “oh dont worry about it” was always something…but if you trust your hubby get him to tell her to back off!


Nope, you’re not overreacting. She needs to be put in her place. She already crossed the line.


Your SO needs to set rules on her stop seeing her after work and let his boss know shes harrassing his family if he refuses hes cheating or wants to cheat!


Never tell your man… “its fine”. Now he knows youre ok With her being there… he will cheat on you with her. Men cannot resist temptation

Go talk to her husband… or be a real woman and look at her and say. Stay away from my man or you will end up on the ground with my foot on your throat…

Either fight for whats yours. Or move on…


Tell her to stay in her lane.


No you don’t need to have a conversation with her. She acts this way because your spouse gives her a reason to. HES who needs to be given the conversation with.