My spouses family dislikes the baby name we picked out: Advice?

I have a name picked out for our baby boy (Luka) that I really like, but my SO’s family absolutely dislikes it. They even stated ways they would make fun of him if I gave him that name; they said they would call him Yuka; I think it’s a vegetable of some sort. Then proceeded to suggest a list of names that I did not like, including the name Leif My SO did set them straight and told them that my opinion matters more than anyone else’s, but I still can’t help to feel some type of way about it and wonder if in the future they’ll cringe when they call out to him. This baby boy is a big deal because both sides of our family all have girls. Have any of you dealt with this baby name dilemma from your families?


Show them the finger and keep ur kid away from them.


Your baby your choice…if they bully him keep him away from them


I hated what my daughter was naming my granddaughter But now that she is here It’s just her name and it fits her

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My mother in law told me the name i had picked out was a stupid name. My reply was that it was my baby to name not hers. A few years later as she called for my child she told me it was the perfect name.

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Luka is a beautiful name.


My son has the same name and everybody loves it. it is you and your SO’s choice at the end of the day don’t feel put off by what they say

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Good Lord. It’s only an issue if you entertain it. Name your baby whatever the hell you want!


My sisters sperm donors side of the family tried to do that when my mom named her. They all made fun of it. All said it’s ugly and that she would be bullied her entire life because of it. My mom named her what she wanted despite their opinions. Now there is kids with her name all over. Her name is Delanie.

Tell them to grow tf up. He’s not their baby. As long as you and you SO like it :woman_shrugging:

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The decision is between you and your husband. When/if they have children, then they can choose.

Who’s baby is it? Yours end of story.


Ummm,your kid your choice.period

Your child, your choice

Luca is a good name. Certainly not a bad name. Every one has had opinions about the names I have given my children and no matter what name you pick SOMEONE will have an opinion.

You like the name and that is all that matters. If they make fun of a child’s name they have issues.

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I am glad someone supported you!

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Name your child whatever you want. And anyone who wants to try to make fun of him is not welcome in his life. Period. Tell your SO to spread the word around his family.


Honestly it’s your child not theirs they already had their chance at naming their children now it’s your turn …n his sad that they’re thinking of his they would pick on him :cry:


Sweetheart listen, you are the one giving birth, your the one who has to push a watermelon out of the open side of a lemon, or major surgery. Who the hell do they think they are telling you what you should name a baby thats YOURS! Tell them to blow it out of their asses, if they dont like it they dont have to be around. And if they are going to make fun of a baby about his name i wouldnt want them around my kid, inlaws or not. I bet your MIL didnt let her MIL bully her like shes trying to do with you. Its yours and your hubbys choice. PERIOD!

Let em cringe. To say that they’re already planning how to tease and bully him - a child- just because they don’t care for his name? Really? Bunch of jerks