My teen has been overwhelmed: What can I do to help her?

So I’ve been completely overwhelmed lately & need advice if there is any to give… I have a 12-year-old daughter, and she, for like going on a month now hasn’t really been eating, is very emotional… We have such an open relationship with each other… we talk about what’s going on and what she thinks could be making her feel like this… and it seems to get better, but a good day will come and go, and she’ll be right back to square one… tonight we talked again I gave her journal to write down what she’s feeling… I’m trying my very best to make sure I’m there as much as she needs me because I know anxiety or teen depression can be at play here. Has anyone else gone through this? What helped you? What else can I do?


Hormones. Has she started menstruation? It’s probably close.


Been there, done that. Don’t ever want to do it again. Just tell her as bad as it seems, it will settle out.


Could be hormones. My daughter is 11 and i seen a change in her a few months back… very moody, teary and sometimes getting in a temper and slamming her bedroom door shut then about a week after she started her first period. Now shes fine again just gets a bit moody when her period is due xx

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It sounds like you’ve been doing a great job being supportive and being there for her. A journal sounds like a great idea. Maybe you could offer her to write down anything in a note to you if she feels like she can’t say it out loud. Have you offered her the option to consider therapy? It comes with such a bad connotation, but it can be truly helpful in addition to having you to talk with.
Best wishes that it improves. Great job being open with her and being her outlet to share her feelings!


The journal is very helpful maybe reach out to her school counselor or pcp to see if talk therapy could help. Also meditation or yoga

Take her to talk to someone


get her help my grandaughter started doing this her mom talked to her and she would do better than one day she attempted sucide at least check the hotline

Remove her from social media for a bit… so much pressure on there


First of all, you are doing an amazing job. I don’t think that is ever said enough, you took the time to reach out to a bunch of other mamas that you don’t personally know and that takes a lot of courage and strength so great job you’re little girl is lucky to have you. As far as your daughter it could be a whole bunch of things, I remember being that age and sooooo emotional and mad at the world (really it was most likely hormonal changes I got my period right around this age). I’m not sure what her school situation is but covid could be making her feel isolated, girl friends at this age are particularly cruel too so could be she’s having trouble there. Boys. I’ll just leave it at that lol but I really like the idea of giving her the journal and letting her write it down. Is she open to seeing someone professionally? You seem to have a great relationship with her communication wise maybe see if she’ll go sit down with a counselor. Good luck to you and your girl, that age is hard on everyone so hang in there xoxo

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That age is very hard ! I went through a phase of depression at around 13 . Back then , counseling wasn’t the cool thing to do . Looking back , my mom has realized as have I that I should have gotten some help at that time . Please do not ignore this. I turned out just fine but it wasn’t easy . Lots of luck !

Most preteens go through this, n getting younger these days… Wonderful that you have open communication n want to help, great parenting… Journal helps but remember to not look unless you ask permission. Offer counseling to her, a third person who can listen n not pass judgment… Kinda an adult friend she can speak to (how I explain to children)…

Wait till shes 16/17😬 if you think shes bad now


So my 14 years old stopped eating a month ago couldn’t get her to figure what was wrong she has been bi for a while so wasn’t that but she told me just yesterday she feels like a boy I’m not saying it’s the same but Once she told me
She eat and eat and eat and slept fully for the first time in weeks , the reason is there but you are doing
Amazing I did all the same things but yesterday and sat her down and said come on I need you too eat whatever it is I will help you no matter what and she just said it and the relief from her was huge ! Keep going mum your doing an ace job ! Xx

I’d get her an appointment with her pediatrician and get a recommendation for a therapist. Let them figure out if this is a normal phase or precursor to a lifetime of problems you can nip in the bud now.

I would talk with your pediatrician and then get a therapist. Both can help you and esp her, navigate this complex path.

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Typical for this age, her hormones are changing and she is struggling to deal with it. Give lots of cuddles to release natural oxytocin.

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Don’t pay $$ for a therapist when it’s just hormones.

My 13 year old sees a therapist. I think 12 is the point at an age when they start noticing changes in their body and hormones are chaotic, friends start changing the pandemic doesn’t help, depression sets in.