My teen has been overwhelmed: What can I do to help her?

I have two teenagers 16 an 14 an 7 year all girls. I think that my oldest daughter which is my 14 year is in the same boat cause I adopted my foster daughter who is 16 now an is half sibling to my youngest daughter. I think my one daughter an I use to talk all the time but since she became a teenager things got busy an I do spend as much as I can with all three of my girls it’s hard cause I am a 24/7 care taker to my elderly mother who is bedridden. But as a mom I feel like I can do more but don’t know what. All I can say is be there an keep trying that’s what I am doing an I think maybe a therapist could help. Best of luck to u.

If you can’t afford a Therapist maybe check with the school counselor or family resource person and they should be able to help you

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My daughter goes through the same thing. She sees a therapist. Its a neutral place where she can really open up and feel safe. I would find her a good woman therapist and try that.


Im in the same boat as Laura Howard-Gose. My daughter sees a therapist. She really seems to be doing good going. If you want the name send me a pm

Her hormones are changing. Sadly, Its something that all women go through. :disappointed:

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Is she being bullied?

Try to have friend over or get out of the house and do something

my daughter just got her monthly and is going through hormone changes it could just be that just be there for her

Has she started her period yet? It could be happening soon if not & her hormones are out of wack.

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I have been through this. My daughter just turned 18 a few days ago and still has bad days. As parents we just need to keep reassuring them that everything is OK. Talk about how hormones may play a factor in how she feels. Open talking is key. Just gotta keep trying and keep doing what you are. It does get easier.

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Get some help counselor is she trying to keep up with “neighbors”. Relationship with kids at school & does want to tell u. My daughter was running around with rich kids in high school wanted to be like them tough year’s graduation came went to college & came out a ok

Talk to a therapists. Sometimes girls in puberty develop depression. She may benefit from talk therapy and/or medication.


For my daughter a very regimented diet, whole natural foods, no processed, no food dyes, lots of fruit and veggies and at least an hour of exercise a day or more has helped her anxiety a lot. She plans her meals and journals out her day. She also very recently started taking a low dose of antianxiety medication. With so much out of her control she had to learn ways that helped her feel like she is in control. She even has a bedtime routine which she has never had. On her own she cut out most social media and meditates whenever She feels She needs to focus. She is doing much better now and can turn a bad day around pretty quickly instead of the days on end outbursts.

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Yep def take to counseling. My granddaughter is 16 but a couple yrs ago her grandfather died and from that point on she was depressed and wasnt the same.we took her to counseling she still goes snd shes doing much better. Goodluck :hugs:

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Get an appointment with your local therapist or a life coach. Having someone trained to help teens will be a great investment. Schedule individual sessions on teen transition education…coping skills…the life "how to’s in making good choices and building self esteem will be invaluable to your daughter.
Have occasional sessions with your daughter and you as well. Contact your private practice counseling center for information.

My son suffers depression and sometimes life can be amazing and you don’t know why you’re depressed. Counseling can help.


She is going through the 1st change of womanhood, between a child to teen. Maybe find her some good books on the subject. It is a tough time transition part of growing up. Let her have friends over, maybe they can discuss feeling, ect together., letting her & others that they are not alone. My daughters were 18 years apart, I raised two different generations of girls. What an experience!

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Alot of good advice but somethig different you could try and setting up a fun day. Reach out to some of her friends who familys hopfully arent paronoid of the pandemic and have them over. Organise something fun for her based on what she likes to do. I know moral been hard to keep with the pandemic particular cause it feels like weve been robbed of having fun (its certainly been alot more difficult)

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I remember when girls I knew turned 12, it was like a switch turned and they were so emotional

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If you’re really worried I’d reach out to a school counselor or therapist.