My teen has been overwhelmed: What can I do to help her?

Just keep being a mom and confidant. Be gentle , don’t nag. Ask if she is being bullied or injured in ANY way by someone. Be patient.


Talk to Dr. Sounds like serious depression. Antidepressants & counseling could help. Please, remember that depression is a medical condition.

I take depression super seriously and my daughter was the same and I brought her straight to the school counselor, then to a therapist. Bring her out places, i just brought mine skating last week. Kids are not meant to sit at home all day, it affects them mentally. I was told I caught it early because of those little changes you are noticing. My daughter is very off and on with her depression. We go to church and she loves the kids group and volunteering. Get her out of the house

Sound like she needs to talk to a counselor. Talk to her doctor about it. My teen daughter has very bad depression and anxiety. Talking to a specialist helps her greatly. Sometimes they just need to extra support and freedom to talk to someone about anything without their parents knowing. Even if you have an open relationship with them.


Does your daughter have a cell phone or tablet? Do you know websites she visits what games she plays and who she is online playing them with? Our world is really jacked up right now and your daughter seems to be vulnerable to being pursed online by a predator, or there might could just be some mean bullies. Prayers for you and your daughter

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i was 13 when i got diagnosed with serve depression and anxiety. i would self harm and was in and out of mental hospitals so definitely keep an eye out on her behavior and i would suggest finding a therapist that see feels like she can open up too.

Good job at recognizing issues and offering help to her. The journal is a wonderful idea. Keep reminding her that it’s ok to just not be ok. We are not happy go lucky every day. Some days we live and some days we just survive.


Coming from someone with an eating disorder, the not really eating part stuck out to me. Until i started treatment i didnt realise how much not eating was effecting my mind, attitude, mood, and my loved ones. Im not saying she has an eating disorder but definitely needs to see a therapist


Maybe talk to her Dr. Even with a open relationship with her you may not be enough. They need extra support.

Depression is high among many teens and pre teens. If it continues try to reach out for a therapist, but also make sure she gets outside, the fresh air and sun can do wonders.


I would suggest out of the family counseling. Find a good child psychologist. Yes she is hormonal but she could also be suffering from bi polar disorder.

Patience. Love. Understanding. Thats the key. Find activities that she like that you can do with her. My girls both have health issues that caused this from an earlier age. Video Gaming, art, music or anything that it can be just you two. Even if its something you may not care for. If she gets excited over it then thats your way in. Thats when she will open up more to you.

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Mine son went through the same thing. He went to counseling and with medication he is doing well. He is 24 now and still uses his “toolbox”

Sounds like she may need to see a therapist. Much love to you and your daughter. Hang in there momma you got this.

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My daughter is up and down on emotions as well. She’s 12. She says that she feels numb some days and has anxiety about doing well in school and loosing friends and all kinds of normal kid stuff that’s amplified right now. She has a Journal as well but I tell her the best thing is to be open w her friends. Because I’m not her peer and I don’t really understand what she’s going through though I try. When she talks to her friends and realizes that what she’s feeling is normal and that’s she’s not alone or make her feel better.

Call help, I’ve had anxiety as far back as I can remember, finally have the right medicine and it’s a life changer

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My daughter was about12 when her eating disorder started. Be mindful of this and be sure she’s eating proper meals or supplement with protein drinks. Starving your self can cause a lot of emotional, mental and other health problems. This could be just hormonal but after what we we by thru with our daughter I’m praying its not an eating disorder!

Has she started her period yet. If not it could be her body getting ready.

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Mom is doing the right thing. This could also be hormonal as she is at that age.


Get her help now! I suffered with this and no one paid attention. It took a suicide attempt for me to get the help I needed at 35 I still struggle. She’s a teen she’s not going to tell you everything going on.