My teen has been overwhelmed: What can I do to help her?

The teenage years . Plus this pandemic . It can also be her “time “ . See if it’s happening all the time or just certain times of the month . Have her talk to someone , so many teledoc options now .

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What helped me was finding God get saved, let Jesus into your hearts and fallow him. Their is not anything he cant do God loves us and wants to help but we need to ask! The only way to God is through Jesus. Jesus is the way and the life.

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Get her help from doctor it is hard to deal with anxiety and depression I know I’m still taking med and it help I take lower dose get get help

that you love her. I have a son who suffers from depression and I myself suffer from depression ,doing these things we have a really good relationship and as adults we are good friends

Journaling helps, counseling helps, respect her privacy. Be there for her. She will turn to you and God will help you. Praying for you both. Growing up in today’s world is difficult.

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We started doing exchanges through Google.
My daughter hates writing, but is very creative. She can create images/memes/etc on how she is feeling, without necessarily having to put it into words.

Could possible be hormones if she hasn’t started her period yet

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My daughter was going through the same thing since distance learning started and no school sports. I hired a trainer to come to the house a few days a week and it made a huge difference. I know it may not be feasible for Everyone but it worked for us

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She might be getting bullied at school that changes the way they act I would ask just in case

Yes, 3 daughters. Hormones, periods have started or about to start are raging. Girls are starting earlier and earlier with there cycle. Often blamed on hormones in meat. Your plan is great, and your doing all the right things.

Don’t wait please seek counseling for her, they can’t handle alot of this stuff that is going on…
Suicide comes quickly with great thought…You as a parent probably would never think of it

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keep talking to her mom but don’t be pushy. try to relate with her something that you may have gone through. keep that communication open. reassure her that it will end sometime and that k ow

Typical teen. Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride!

See a medical doctor and move forward from there.

What are her life goals? What is she planning to Beas an adult.? Both of you could look up the careers she talks about. Whatisneeded,whatcourseswill she need to take, what groupscan she belong tomeantime?are you affiliated with a church? Call,see if they are offering youth programs this year. All this helps to want to belong. She can learn where her careers she’s thinking about will be most productive and. Be positive for her. As yearsgo by,shemay change her mind and go for a different one but it’s a start and something to look forwRd to.

I would discuss with her if perhaps she wants to talk to a therapist if maybe that might be what she needs or ask her what she thinks might be the best road to take to get her back on track to be happy

Take her to the dr. Just to rule out anything physical (try to make it with a female dr) tell them about her not eating and maybe they will get her to tell them whats going on …

How about a hobby/project to do together. Engaging and to look forward to. Family movie nights with a favorite snack, walks, board games.

Keep being there for her,
Let her know how much you love her.
Go to her school and find out if her teacher sees the difference.
Let her have a sleep over with her friends.
See how see interact with her friends.

Changing hormones. Fish oil capsules helped my daughter

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