My three year old still breastfeeds: Can I smoke ciggarettes?

If you were able to quit i wouldn’t even try to start back up! My son is 24. I quit for 13 months because i was pregnant. Then i started back up and i completely regret it!

What a wonderfully supportive group of women on this group🤨


Just wait a few hours after smoking :slight_smile: and the babes will be okay ! No judgement here I get it


If you can drink and breast feed you can have a single cigarette and still breast feed. The amount of nicotine that would get to bby is soooo minimal. If that’s your comfort mom for a whatever reason have at it! :dash:


Did my comment get deleted? What’s the point of asking or responding to questions if they’re deleted?

The amount of nicotine in an occasional smoke isn’t very much…however (from a smoker) if you can avoid it…it’s not a habit you want to return too…I know many use it to aid when stressed…I regret ever going back after I quit for three years…I encourage you to find something else (sugar free lollipops maybe…) Or even a figet toy /stress ball and a “time out” from kids for ten minutes.

There is no reason a 3 year old needs to breastfeed still especially if he is eating and drinking.


A three year old belongs in pre-school not breastfeeding.


He’s 3 why in gods green earth are you still breastfeeding, and why is he still on a bottle and not a sippy cup?


Cigarettes affect the taste of breast milk.

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I was only able to breastfeed one of my kids. But after eight months. We were done. I started weaning once the teeth started showing up. Used the same ideologically for the bottle. When she bit the nipple off. She unofficially asked for the cup. I told her :flushed::smirk:

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Yes you can, breastmilk is VERY powerful


Why don’t you set down with the child over a cup of coffee and ask him what he thinks?!


I’m taking this as a joke right? You’re 3 year old s should not be breastfeed or using a bottle.


3 is a little old to be nursing yet… Maybe you should try a sippy cup especially since the need for a cigarette has clearly driven you to ask this question :roll_eyes: smhhh


If he can ask for milk, you shouldn’t breastfeed plus, smoking is bad for you and those all around including your child


This is a joke right ?


Wow … Judgy people in this group … You do you and don’t worry about others … I would just step outside and smoke though … Just my opinion

Way to go mama! Breastfeeding til 3 years old! :clap: If its a concern for you definitely talk to your pediatrician about it. I know most say its fine if you wait a couple hours after smoking before you feed again :blush: also here is a link for some super cool bottles/sippys that a friend of mine used when she moved her baby to sippy. She said it helped a lot!

Looks like not only time to ween him from breastfeeding but from nicotine too