My three year old still breastfeeds: Can I smoke ciggarettes?

If you were able to quit smoking for the past 4 years for heavens sake DON’T pick them up again! I smoked for 20 years and 3 out of 5 pregnancies so not judging you, just encouraging you not to start again!!


Well first off , congrats for making it so long for breastfeeding. Wish I was able to make it to at least a year ,

Second , feed before having a smoke , you breast milk should be fine after a few hours . That’s what I was told by my doctor. Although since it’s been 3 years I would keep that streak going and not bother with smoking , .

Wow! Why would you want to smoke?

Read up on the effects of passive smoke. I took care of a husband and wife who died from lung cancer… and never smoked once in their lives.

Maybe ask yourself why smoking is important… and can you replace it with a healthy activity. (PS ~ Vaping is also really dangerous to your health for multiple reasons. Don’t vape. And please don’t smoke.)

First things first, NO MATTER THE AGE, when you wean your babe is YOUR CHOICE and all these other assholes commenting their opinions when you should stop, should NOT affect your choices on breastfeeding. Now, when it comes to smoking, nicotine typically doesn’t leave a trace in your breast milk if you smoke at least 90 minutes before a feed or directly after. Usually it’s “best” for moms to do it after a feed that way there’s more time between feeds for the nicotine to leave your milk. I used to smoke before I got pregnant with my son and was worried I would pick it back up after birth, so I talked to my OBGYN about it all got all of my information on smoking while breastfeeding from a licensed lactation consultant. It’s your body, it’s your choice. I’d urge you not to smoke because it’s an unhealthy habit. But if having an occasional smoke is something you’re set on, talk to your PCP and maybe they can give you advice.

My nurse practitioner of like 40 years told me that breastfeeding even if you’re a smoker is better than not breastfeeding at all. Also … take this down … your gonna attract some busybodies

The scientific evidence doesn’t support the “naysayer’s”, Debby downer, poo pooing opinions here against nursing a toddler who is 3 years old. A toddler this age is receiving nearly all nutritional requirements through solid foods. Breastfeeding past age 2 is primarily for comfort and reassurance. And what on earth is wrong with that?

I can’t believe how judgemental people…other women …are being! The post didn’t ask if she should stop breastfeeding. The post asked about smoking. It would be awesome if people would limit their responses to SMOKING… not breastfeeding!! Breastfeeding, even at 3 years old, is a personal decision within her family and should be supported.


What’s a plain cigarette? Is that different to other cigs? The stuff that’s in cigs passes through to the milk, which you would have been told by your health visitor, so why ask now the child is nearly 3? Child shouldn’t be still using a bottle at this age, a silly cup is better to avoid damaging teeth growth. I’d recommend speaking to your gp/health visitor for advice

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Some advice from a respected source:


No, you should not smoke any cigarettes while breastfeeding.

In my opinion you shouldn’t ask random people on the internet advice about anything, you’re bound to get a bunch of negative comments and no answers to your question. Ask your doctor.

Nursing till whatever age the mother wants is their choice! Bottle feeding is a mother’s choice! Does your toddler nurse for only comfort? Do they drink out of anything besides a bottle ? Yes smoking is bad but that is a persons choice to do or not to do. I would think pumping before and saving to use in a bottle later if you want. :woman_shrugging:


Where do you find these participants?


Don’t smoke 2 hours before bfing or pumping. Or take a break from smoking and pump some stock pile for when you can’t wait 2 hours.

Not sure of nicotine will get passed through breast milk or not but if it does you shouldn’t go near a cigaret when yourbreast feeding. . It’s a highly addictive toxic substance

No smoking and why is he still on the breast? 3 is to old to still be breast feeding. He’s preschool age. Would you run to school to feed him? If he’s got teeth he should only be eating food and shouldn’t need a bottle either.


Wow judgy people. Very sad :sob: We don’t know their story.


I’m so bored with the perfect script of parenting advice on here!
To the person posting the question-you are amazing and doing great! We all do things as best we can, balancing life can always make us feel shame, especially when we have kids. Please don’t take on board the negative critics who have all failed their children along the way- it’s impossible not to! Not advice that you came here for, just love for another mother xx


He shouldn’t have a bottle at 3 wtf . I hope this is a troll because it’s all kinda of :crazy_face:

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It’s the “will it harm the baby” part for me​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Well done for keeping feeding… It will do them so much good.

I don’t k ow much about the smoking situation however I believe some advice includes changing clothes/washing before being with little one and waiting a while to feed. Obviously any smoke around them or feim secondary sources is not recommended but it’s good you’re trying to be as careful and educated as possible. Ignore inkind comments xxx