My three year old still breastfeeds: Can I smoke ciggarettes?

I wouldn’t smoke anywhere near a child and / or while breastfeeding. Presumably you’ve managed to not smoke for 3 years so seems like a perfect time to give up for good?

Baby bottles are not recommended after age 1 (I think?)


Some of you are very clearly uneducated and rude​:sleeping::yawning_face:

WHO recommended to feed to 2 years and beyond.
Breast are made to feed children.
It’s absolutely none of your business what age she feeds HER child to.
We are in the middle of a pandemic, she’s giving her child the best she can & anti body’s.
Breast feeding & smoking is STILL safer then formula fed and smoking.
Yes you can feed and smoke though not ideal, make sure you wear a smoking jacket, smoke outside away from the child, wash your hands and teeth when you come in, possibly change clothes, some evidence suggests waiting 30-90 minuets after having a fag to feed your child to let toxins pass out your body… you breath toxins out for about half hour afterwards too.


‘What 3 is way to old to be breastfeeding???’

-said all the uneducated stupid humans.


Some of these comments are actually disgusting. Shows how ignorant and uneducated people are about breastfeeding. 3 is not to old, health professionals recommend breastfeeding until ATLEAST 2 years old. Going past that point only has more benefits to baby. Also weaning a baby off breast milk can be extremely hard, it isn’t a case of just stopping you have to reduce the feeds slowly and go off what baby wants not what you want, actually can’t believe people are trying to Mum shame her for making it past 3 years of breastfeeding, that’s amazing!


Well done for making it to 3 breastfeeding:) if you’ve lasted this long without smoking personally I’d do my best to make another 3 years no cigarettes. However if you do smoke do it after a feed, change clothes or wear a long coat wash hands after.

Well done mumma for giving your baby natural human milk!! Ignore the out of touch outdated people saying time to give up breast. You and baby wean from bresst when you are ready as is natural. There are still many benefits to you and baby if people bothered to do research instead of being ignorant. Not much help on ciggy front sorry, good luck though mumma and keep boobing! #normalisebreastfeeding


I love how all the negative bitches aren’t replying back when people have corrected them.

I see a whole lot of KARENS on this thread.


You do what you feel you need to do hun. These comments are awful :frowning: smoking and breast feeding isn’t idea at all but I am a smoker and I’m still breastfeeding my 2 year old. I smoke outside and have what I call a smoking jacket which I wear that comes off when I come back inside. At 2 years old she’s only feeding for naps and comfort so not much at all. If you have gone so long without a cigarette could you keep going? It’s so healthy not to smoke and seems like you have been doing well. What’s made you feel like you need to start up again.
If you want to you can just ask yourself if it’s worth it after all this time without one. X

Colette Goode some of these comments!!!:flushed::flushed:

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Omg 3 is far too old for him to be breastfed, you should stop and give him a cup of expressed milk from an animal instead :roll_eyes:

See how dumb some of you be looking…


I mean hate to be the odd one out but I smoke and still breast feed my 2.5 year old. The comments on here are shocking and have come from mothers who probably didn’t even attempt to breast feed. FYI smoking filthy habit just don’t do it around your kid in the house and wash your hands etc. For those of you struggling to understand extended breast feeding… for the most part it’s a choice but in others we have small dictators that absolutely are not ready to give up their mum dummies. Which at an extended age they use for comfort more than food/drink. It takes patience to still be breast feeding especially with muggy comments like you lots :joy::joy:

I’d say most of these saying it’s wrong to breastfeed and 3 year old are still drinking breastmilk from a whole other species!!

How is it normal for a old Karen to drink milk from a cows tit but wrong for a mother to naturally nourish their child through their own milk?!?

To the OP. I’ve started smoking while breastfeeding. No it’s not ideal. Not smoking would be better. But the benefits outweigh the risks. Just make sure you’re not smoking around the little one and change your clothes/layers after having a cigarette XXX


Whilst smoking is not ideal for health of you and those around you due to the chemicals in cigarettes and toxins it is ultimately your choice. 3 years not smoking is a huge achievement as it’s very addictive so well done you but it seems a huge shame to re start considering how well you are doing. maybe continue on this new smoke free path and find some other coping mechanisms if you are particularly struggling at the moment. i won’t bombard you with more links as i have nothing different to share. What i will say though is my god be kind people we do not know what this poster is dealing with in her personal life that has caused her to consider smoking again. And also breastfeeding a 3 year old is also totally NORMAL xxx

Beastfeeding is the most natural thing a mother can do.
Kudos to you OP for doing it for 3 years! What an achievement💙


Well done mama for getting to 3 years! Breastfeeding and smoking is safer than formula feeding and smoking :slight_smile:


Hey momma! Well done for feeding for 3 years! Great job.
Smoking while feeding is a tricky 1 for a number of reasons. Firstly the nicotine passes through the milk. Secondly you’ve got second and third hand smoke. Smoke on your clothes, hair, skin, breath. Changing your clothes and showering won’t get rid of this. Only time smoke free will.

If you are desperate for that nicotine fix, consider vaping or nicotine replacement products as these are the lesser of 2 evils!

Good luck and once again great job momma!!

Well done mummy for still breastfeeding… I managed to last 18 months… I gave up smoking when I was pregnant 4 years ago… please don’t start back up you been amazing to go this long… also if your in about the different kind of smoking then there is other alternatives cakes etc :slightly_smiling_face:… second hand smoke is bad for our children’s lungs lovely xx


Sounds like people really don’t understand how breastfeeding works.
No wonder U.K. and the US has some of the worst rates of breastfeeding in the world.
You will horrified to know that in Mongolia it is encouraged til nearly 8 years?
Opinion ls invalid, she asked for help :roll_eyes:


I fed both my children till nearly 3 years old. *probably not the best advice but I smoked with both. (Just wanted you to know you’re not on youre own :revolving_hearts:)

The people saying a child who goes to preschool can’t breastfeed are ridiculous! My child is at nursery 3 full days a week but still feeds a lot when she’s with me.