My toddler doesn't talk, he just screams: Advice?

My nearly 2-year-old boy doesn’t talk; all he does is scream. I have got a naughty step in place, which he does sit on when he’s been naughty. But it doesn’t seem to help with the screaming. I’ve been told by health visitors to ignore it, but it’s so high pitched it’s hard to ignore.


hearing screening. Either that or autism screening.


My daughter would do this. Our pediatrician got us into Speech therapy. It has helped alot.

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Could he be screaming from frustration? Little people can become very frustrated when they want to communicate but can’t.


Could just be frustration in not being able to communicate. Maybe try some sign language. My oldest, who is autistic, had to learn before he was able to speak. It helped alot.


My daughter is 2 as well and was hardly talking. I told her pediatrician and she got me into a speech therapy program. It starting to work for her after nearly a year. I would ask your pediatrician I’m sure she/he could help out with getting you into a program

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Have you tried having him tested for autism?

Is he your only child? Oldest child by chance? My oldest son didn’t talk until he was 3.5. He could talk don’t get me wrong, he just chose to grunt and use gestures. My youngest (2.5) has been talking since a year old and is pretty damn smart because of my oldest (7)

Speech therapy works wonders. Also use pictures for common things lime cup, food and try signing. We went through this with my son

Definitely try speech therapy my 2 year old is going thru speech therapy he can’t communicate well and gets frustrated.

Speech therapy he should be talking

Get his hearing checked

My daughter did this… Just to hear herself scream. She’s 8, neurotypical and still squeals

My youngest did this she only was saying a few things here and there she could talk but wasn’t so whenever she screamed we either redirected her or would ask her to say whatever she was screaming at, she didn’t need therapy and it did stop eventually now she’s almost 3 and talks so clear and so much, with very little screaming!

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Have him tested… I work in childcare… I’ve seen it… please go have him tested for autism… the sooner the better

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This was my little brother too a T ! …there were 5 of us siblings who all did the talking and when he wanted to talk…or when we didn’t listen…or when he was frustrated or excited …etc etc …he would scream .not that he couldn’t talk …just didn’t have much to say for awhile…mom would say STOPPPPPP IT …and use big boy words …after a while he broke the habit…but it took awhile

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Have his hearing tested

There is a program through the school districts in the US called Infant and Toddler. It is free (well paid by the Federal Government) and they will do the testing and determine if your child should get early intervention. It is not income based. My son at 2 was nonverbal and went to this program. They provided speach therapy at the local school and at my house.

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speech therapy works wonders but right now early intervention is a waste of time and doesnt help as they refuse to come out and expect your handicapped toddler to engage in a phone screen😪 id get hearing checked and evaluated and i dont think punishing is the answer since your child is probably frustrated that they cant communicate their needs

The more attention you give it, the longer it will last. Don’t give even an eye roll and it’ll slow down and stop.