My toddler doesn't talk, he just screams: Advice?

This does not seem like something you should ignore, if you’re being literal that he doesn’t speak and not just annoyed with his volume level. At 2 he should be able to say at least some words.

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Or is he in pain my oldest didn’t start to talk till almost 4 but he was able to communicate with us but screaming is sometimes because of pain or a ongoing issue that causes it


My little one is 2 and does the same. I think its frustration from lagging behind in his speech. He justed started speech therapy so hopefully we will see some results.
I’ve found what helps is

  1. Talk to them on their level.
    I touch my sons nose or shoulder and then touch my lips or nose so he can see how my mouth moves. Children will mimic you quickly, its surprising lol.
  2. Over pronunciation
    I will repeat consonant sounds like for food, I will say ‘Food? F-f-f food’ while hes looking at my mouth so he can see exactly how I’m moving my tongue and lips
  3. Slow and steady
    Say stuff slowly, clearly, and try to get them to look at you when you talk.

I’ve seen a lot of progress with my munchkin just doing those 3 things while waiting for his speech therapy appts to start. Hes saying a lot more instead of throwing fits and squealing like a banshee.
Hope this helps!

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Get his hearing checked, then try speech therapy. Trust your gut mama.

Is he in the Autism’s spectrum?

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we use , we r inside so, we use our inside voice, takes time but they seem to get in the habit and when their names called they say I know m inside voice

I used to tell my son that I cannot understand him when he screams and walk away into another room or ignore him. He soon learned that when he lowered his voice, we could talk to each other, and laugh and have a pleasant time.

Bust his ass…period!

My son was like that!we though he was autistic bit his dr kept saying he was perfectly fine that his own kid didn’t speak until 6. We switched dr’s. The new dr had us test him for quite a few things and turns out he had a few disabilities… We found out when he was 3 almost 4 and i felt so bad and felt like a failure because I felt like I should have known which i did know something was up but should have pushed harder at the beginning around 2. He struggled for almost 2 whole years us thinking he was just throwing tantrums when the whole time he needed/wanted something and he couldn’t tell us :sob:

My daughters 19 months and doesn’t talk as well we just got her assest and they advised for speech therapy she also babbles loudly and whines she can speak to us so that’s how she communicates she frustrated shes been picking up sign so that’s helped alot.

My daughter was the exact same way. She had (and still does it rarely) the high pitched wailing very often. She had speech delay though, and she would do it when she was frustrated. Try teaching your babe some sign language. It worked wonders for my daughter if she couldn’t talk to me. <3


Is your complaint he “doesn’t talk,” as in he can’t? Or he doesn’t talk, all he does is scream?

Either way he sounds like he’s frustrated with being unable to express his needs/feelings.
Has he had any evaluations done? For early intervention? Or to rule out other possible issues?
And yes, sign language, it give children another way to try to communicate their needs/themselves.

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if u want him to talk make learning fun i used playdooh and the shapes cutter things and sit and have mine tell me colors and what shapes r this has helped alot and he talks so much more even outside of playdooh time

Sounds like he doesnt have the words to express want or feelings. See what he does before he screams. Example he is trying to get a toy out of the box that is stuck. Use words. Say is the toy stuck. Say help. And repeat the word as youre helping him.
See if he screams when he is told no about something. That you can ignore or in short words say no it’s not safe. I say danger ranger and my son knows what i mean.
See what behavior he does before he starts screaming.
Also I agree with speech therapy
Id get him evaluated as well to make sure he doesnt have something else going on with him. Autism etc
Its super had for children when they dont have the language skills. Hes learned if he screams or cries he will get your help or attention. So I wouldnt use time out I’d try to see what behavior he did be for and stay calm. Pick and chose your battles as well. And talk to him. I use time outs for hitting biting etc or being unsafe and not stopping when I say so.
But I use words. I do ignore the crying if I can not redirect or its because I said no. My sons a whiner but because he knows hes going to be babied by my older son. They are 9 years apart and my older son adores him and my babes had him wrapped right around his finger and he knows it.

My son is 18 months and has been a scremer sin e dag one. It literally made ny anxiety go through thw roof. Now i say the word for everything to teach him to talk, and i tell him to “use his words” even tho he doesnt use words, and sign language has helped too but ur son is too old to teach that too now…

Have you had his hearing checked ? Be patient. My grandson (now 2) was the same way…we explained to him that we did not understand screaming and told him to show us what he wanted…the screaming stopped…(other than a tantrum now and then). He would grab my hand and lead me to what he wanted…whether it was in the kitchen…or playroom…whatever. although he isn’t a Mr chatterbox yet…he has learned a different way to express what he wants. Have him checked by a doctor to rule out a health related causes rather than a behavioral causes.

My daughter did that till she was 3. Autisim spectrum, anxiety… several others.
We taught her sign language to express what she wanted.
As soon as she was able to convey to us what she wanted, the screaming stopped, she was very developmentally behind, speech wise and mentally, as well as other "milestones " she is good now, at 8, and top of her class.

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I have the same problem with my almost 3 yr old grandson. Hope people have advice

I have the same thing with my 7 year old she screams alot but has a hard time trying to get out what she wants to say.

My son was like that at an early age he is 7 now. He has a speech delay. He was recently diagnosed through the school evaluating him autism spectrum disorder. There may be early childhood programs through the school district you live in that can help. Good luck and keep patience :blush: