My toddler doesn't talk, he just screams: Advice?

ignoring it isn’t helping anything.

Have him tested please for hearing issues autism and epilepsy

My son did that for a year straight it may have had something to so with teething but I never thought to ask.

Try to get help with early intervention, speech therapy, it works.

My 4 yr old nephew does this and was diagnosed with autism

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My son did this at two and still does it at almost six years old. He does it due to his sensory processing disorder. He is also on the autism spectrum.

Look into having your child evaluated for speech, autism, and sensory processing disorder. Your son is the perfect age for early intervention services. If anything, he would probably qualify for speech if he doesn’t talk at all or has limited speech.


Have his hearing checked. He should have some speech now. With my 2yr old grand daughter I put her in time out. She has calmed down. She is trying now to talk. She likes to scream. She knows what’s she’s doing.


My son did the same thing…turns out he had less then 8% hearing…he was basically deaf…his ears were so full of goo from where he kept having fluid behind the ear drum…doctor kept giving him zyrtec…said it would dry it up…month after month…I finally lost it at his 2yr well child and demanded the best Dr in that office take a look at him…we had the ENT apt 4 days later…2 weeks after that apt he was getting tubes placed…a few days later he spoke for the first time since he was 6m old…you see he had started to do the normal babbles dada mama over and over and he just stopped one day…he was already on the zyrtec from where they found the fluid at 4m old…he was 2 before i heard that sweet voice again…all we had heard was screams…hes 8yrs old now…only needed the one set of tubes…he has some speech issues…we just got him to say the ST sound a couple years ago before he said it with a D sound…made a interesting phone call with his kindergarten teacher when he asked if he show her the big stick he found :joy::joy::joy: it was then that the school decided he did in fact need speech like I had told them since he was already in speech therapy down town


I had a child who at 2 into 3 screamed about EVERYTHING. I’m happy to say he’s 10 now and does not. But he was also diagnosed at 3 with a learning Disabilty/ processing delay Semantic Pragmatic but at 3 could also fully read. Just wouldn’t or couldn’t communicate well with others. It was so odd but so many dots have been connected since getting that diagnoses. It was always incredibly difficult to get him to stop screaming while in time out. He’s an incredibly smart child and very particular about some things but a sweet sweet boy. I’m glad that phase passed and I got some communication help for him :slightly_smiling_face:


Screaming is communication. Check the internet for some basic signs. Mommy, Daddy, please, thank you, more etc. Repetition with no anger is key. Many behaviors are routed in the lack of communication. Also check out your local health department for services for Infants and toddlers. My grandson started speech services at 18 months. At this age they will work with child and family to facilitate communication. (Retired SpEd teacher)


When he does it look him in his face and say “Use your words!” then ignore him until he stops. completely ignore him dont look at him or touch him. if he taps you and continues say “use your words” and ask him of possible few things he may want if he keeps screaming walk away.


I imagine he screams partly because he’s trying to communicate and doesn’t have the words to tell you. If he isn’t talking yet, I recommend getting him evaluated for speech delays. I also recommend teaching him basic ASL signs so he can better express his needs and wants. As annoying as the screaming is, please view it as attempts to communicate instead of bad behavior that needs to be punished. Try to figure out what he wants before just putting him in time out.


He keeps “thriving” on the attention it brings him. It IS hard to ignore. Do a “quick check” on him just to make sure he’s ok. Otherwise, do your best to ignore the screaming.


No, I think find out why he does nothing but scream. The naughty step won’t help you find out, the being sent to his room won’t help you find out. He is only two, let’s get help figuring out what is wrong here, why he doesn’t talk, why he does nothing but scream. There is something wrong, and it’s not because he’s a bad boy,and needs to be punished!


I would teach him sign language, the screams to me seem an effort to communicate. It’s not working for him .I bet he is frustrated. Pictures of common things in your house also helps. I used both with nonverbal children in my preschool class


I had a son. When he was two, I did not have a problem. We did not have temper tantrums at our house. True. I would have him checked throughly by a doctor and if there was no physical problem; he would have to find out what a little discipline meant.


My son didn’t speak until he was three, then he started speaking full sentences.

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Teach him sign language signs so he can get his needs met better. Have him checked out by a pediatrician to rule out other issues.


Is he actually incapable of speaking or just being a turd? There is a big big difference in what it could mean and what you should do


My son never talked only screamed and baby talk, hes 4 years old and still doesn’t talk clear at all. People dont even understand what’s he saying. His doctor said he might have autism, we have an appointment soon.