My toddler gets angry when he gets in trouble: Advice?

Hi guys could you post please anonymous? My son is 2 and a half has no words yet I’m waiting for an appointment for development check and assessment but I could be waiting a long time; anyways he gets so angry when I even slightly raise my voice to point out when he’s doing wrong he’ll sit banging his head off floors or walls he gets bad outbursts of shaking with temper and clenches his fist I’m just wondering if anyone has been through this with there child this happens every day and sometimes he does it just sitting down by himself it’s such a struggle he’s so fussy with food, and sometimes it’s a struggle to get him to eat I’m at a loss how I can help or if I’m doing the right things for him has anyone else has this with there kids how do you help them.


:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: I have a special needs son. He is 10 and he exhibited those reactions as a toddler and still does. It can be VERY scary!! I was so afraid for my baby boy. It’s best to get into a pediatricians office ASAP. It may just be frustration from not being able to communicate his needs properly. I still work through issues with my son. What you need to know right now is this behavior is his way of communicating with you.

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We struggled with similar circumstances with my daughter. She really didn’t become verbal until 4. Putting a extra call in to speed things up is definitely a good choice. We used the show me method until she could talk enough to communicate. Tantrums while getting corrected were the worst. Our psychiatrist would have us make sure she was safe and ignore her. It broke my heart because believe me the Tantrums got worse before they got better. Patience goes a long way. It was all so new to me. We now receive behavior art therapy and it is amazing!

Make sure you ask to have his ears checked as well hearing problem could be part of it. Try teaching him sign language you can learn it off YouTube whereas the other person pointed out to point out method and just try to be patient with him you’re his safe place and he’s having trouble communicating so that’s hard on him. I wish you luck.

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You’re doing your best mom! Just know that!

My son is 2 and isn’t communicating either. We had his eyes and ears checked. (Needs glasses) does your son communicate by pointing or showing or pulling you? All kids learn and develop at different times & when they are ready!I would definitely ask your pediatrician! They know a lot of ways to help him. Does he have foods he does like? Is he a kid that would notice if you hid veggies inside some of those foods? Still offer him different choices. It’s ok he resists but always offer. There are so many good resources & people out there that can help him and YOU! Talk to his doctor and reach out to me if you want! Good luck!! :heart:

Maybe be hearing problem. Frustration.

My son will be 3 in December and displays some of these same behaviors. He was officially diagnosed with autism in july , but before that we had our pediatrician refer us to speech and occupational therapy. And in my area we also have an amazing program called Aea early access its free to family and they are an amazing program that helps and supports families with children who have developmental delays or suspected developmental delays and you dont have to have an official diagnosis. I would check to see if you have a program similar available in your area .

My oldest did the same thing and was diagnosed as autistic at 2 years old. We went to a children’s psychiatrist since the developmental Pediatrician has such a long waiting list and then he was diagnosed again through the school at 3. Look up places like any baby can in your area and they can help with diagnosis to see if he is or if he needs other help. My oldest is 12 and still has food issues but is a bright happy kid who just doesn’t socialize very well. We did aba and OT early and continued it for years and he still has refresher Ot and speech for social skills and life skills a few weeks a year.