My toddler has been aggressive lately: Advice?

I’m at a total loss. My toddler is starting to act out really bad. She’s only two and shows a lot of aggression when upset. She will punch, slap, kick, bite, pinch, etc. I don’t physically discipline her, so I’m not sure where this behavior came from. I recently had a cesarean and she has gotten mad and kicked/ punched my incision I give her tons of attention, even with a new little one around. It doesn’t help. I know she’s going through an emotional adjustment right now, but is normal for it to be THIS bad? I just want my sweet girl back. Any tips/advice is welcome! ETA: she shows this same agression to the new baby as well, but not all the time.


Actually, this is just two. It’s nothing to do with a baby. She is two. They do this this stuff and we have to teach them not to.

Just keep calm and talk her threw her emotions. Explaining to her that you understand her emotions and reassure her everything is ok .

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Smack her butt and let her know it’s not ok to act like tbat


Age has a lot to do with it but also bringing new baby home affects their moods and behavior all because it is a big change, I went through this with mine it gets better hang in there momma

I wish I had advice for you. My son is the same way. He took his big bouncy ball yesterday and threw it at me because he was mad at me… I was eating a bowl of really, really hot soup and it burnt the shit out of my arms and my stomach… he only said he was sorry because I started crying :\

Typical two year old behavior. She’s trying to find where your boundaries are. Just keep working through it. Find out let’s for her to focus on.

Well sounds like her life just got flipped upside down with a new baby. Make some time for one on one with her. Be consistent and firm. You do not need to spank her, hitting her doesnt teach her not to hit.


It’s an adjustment. Be patient and consistent. She is only two and hasn’t figured out how to communicate all of her needs and it makes them lash out from frustration.

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If she hits flick her hand
If she bites flick her lips
Then if she keeps doing it add time outs and butt smacks.
It’s not abuse, it’s discipline.


YOU have raised a brat! Figure it out!


Try two under two FB page! I’m sorry to tell you this is really normal and I know it’s terribly frustrating and exhausting, but it does pass and your sweet baby is still your sweet baby, two is just hard- in both senses of the word. You are doing a great job! When you are able to get in a hug or gentle touch, and she reciprocates tell her how much you love it when she gives hugs/kisses/pats and that she’s the BEST. What ended up working for us is kind of ignoring the undesired behavior and overly praising the desired behavior. If it was a serious slam/kick/punch, timeout, 2 min. That’s a whole other battle recovering from a csection though so do what works for you. You’re doing amazing!

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Jealousy ! Be patient with her it’s a new adjustment!

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When she hits kicks or gets upset talk to her and let her no it is not ok to do that and keep telling her to use her words and you have to be the boss not her so relax you got this momma time outs work if you have a play pen use it for time out only so when she acts up put her in it and she will learn


Teach by showing. If she hits you, hit her back. Show her she what pain she is doing to Mommy.
It really is attention seeking behavior she is doing, but it is not ok.


Hugs, lots and lots of hugs, over praise the good stuff, encourage her to help you with the baby even if it’s just getting a diaper, then tell her happy your heart is when she helps, but when you can tell she’s about to pop off, you know that “o f***k” feeling" stop it before it starts by simply asking for a hug and tell her how magical they are, she will be who you tell her she is

Listen to “It won’t be like this for long” by Darius Rucker with a cup of tea… this too shall pass…

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I’d start with time outs when it comes to slapping etc especially towards the new baby. She’s 2 and she’s adjusting to not having all the attention on her…remind her it’s okay to be upset but it’s not okay to hit people when she’s upset. When I started doing time outs with my daughter at the age of 2, I had her sit on the couch with me, all electronics off and put away, no toys allowed with us in the couch and sat together for two minutes. Every time I reminded her that it’s okay to show emotion and to cry when upset but it’s NOT okay to be physical when upset. It’s going to take a lot of patience and time but just remember, she’s 2, their brains are trying to process a LOT at this time.


They are called the terrible 2’s for a reason, coupled with bringing a baby home, she will learn soon that you love her just as much as the baby…


Its sad that people are saying this is normal or just a phaze…

Its not… i have raised eight kids… four of my own. Ive worked in childcare. Kids act how we allow them to act.

My kids know from early on… as beginner walkers… i do not handle tantrums… we get up and leave… the more you fuss the less you get…

A child does not kniw “hitting hurts” if theyve never been hit… so if your child hits you… hit her back BUT explain why. See that hurts… we do not hit people…

Thats common sense…

My four yr old threw one fit at two yrs old… in the store… i litterally picked him up… left buggy full of groceries and left store. We went home. I told him… your actions have consequences. Accountability… because you tgrew a fit… we left store…

I left him with babysitter and i went back to store. He remembered next time we went to store… he was well behaved…

Teach accountability… be the parent… not their friend…

Were not raising kids… were raising adults… teach them responsibility… accountability… respect and independance.