My toddler has been throwing up: What can we do to help him?

My one-year-old son has been throwing up for the last three days, and its a couple of times a day; he has no fever what so ever. What can we do to help him? Any time we take him in, they give us no help. TIA!


Give him gingerale helps sooth the stomach .

Keep him well hydrated. There’s nothing you can do with no fever or any other symptoms.

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Blue Gatorade always works on my littles

You need to take him to de ER and demand some test

pedialyte for now at least. If he gets worse, call the doctor again and if they can’t help you, find another doctor.

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They can prescribe him medication that can stop the vomiting. Give him the unflavored pedialyte or pedialyte popsicles.


You definitely need to find out the cause of the vomiting. It could be any number of things. Maybe try a different ER or urgent care. Dehydration is a real issue with little ones. Don’t take no for an answer either.

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Keep him hydrated is the most important thing. Has he had a recent diet change? Is he keeping food down at all?

If he’s drinking liquids, and able to keep some food down… just monitor him for a fever. If he gets a high fever or is unable to keep water/pedialyte down then go into the ER.

Try the Brat diet. This is what i used with mine when they were little.

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Keep a diary of foods he eats. Something isn’t agreeing with him.

Constipation can do this. If he hasn’t been in a while, use a liquid glycerin suppository. I would make an appointment with the pediatrician regardless.


Pedialyte and crackers

Pedialyte and get baby to a new dr. Or children’s Hospital as soon as u can I’ve been in same boat b4 of a DR. Not doing anything and my son almost died he had a stomach problem never showed signs ntn unusual but he had stopped gaining weight and he had started getting worse and his dr. Said it was just him and maybe he was slower at growing,so we took him to hospital to discover he had a very rare stomach issue and was allergic to protein in milk… it was diff then what ur going through,but im begging u take ur baby to hospital 3 days is enough throwing up to loose so much weight and dehydration

Pedialyte or Gatorade. Keep him hydrated. He will get severe cramps if dehydrated and take him to hospital. They will give him a couple bags of ivy saline. Dehydration is very dangerous

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Camomile tea w Ginger.
If they don’t like the tea you can mix it with fruit juice, smoothies, yougart and freeze into pops.
Tart cherry juice also helps with rest as does the chamomile and help with stomach. Smoothie and smoothie pops are great for hydration and vitmans. If you can get a little bit of oregen in the smoothies it’s a natural Antibiotic.
Eating a couple of mint or speriment leaves also helps stop vomiting.

Plenty of fluids and Pepto or other liquid nausea relief. I had my daughter get a stomach virus at 10 months old. Took her to ER…they gave Motrin and sent her home. Said give Pedialyte. I have her some Pepto as well and by morning she had stopped vomiting. Get stomach checked to make sure no underlying issue

BRAT diet and lots of liquids. Pedialyte.

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Pediolyte to keep him hydrated…[not sure of spelling]

Keep him hydrated!!! Gatorade (but watered down) or pedalyte, watch how much he’s peeing to make sure he doesn’t get dehydrated (if you feel he isn’t peeing enough get him to the ER) if he isn’t drinking you can get popsicles or make your own with the pedalyte or the Gatorade. No dairy and nothing too acidic. Ginger also helps (check the motion sickness aisle for little suckers and other kid friendly items)