My toddler has started blinking her eyes a lot: Thoughts?

My daughter will be turning three this month, and The last couple of days, she’s started blinking/twitching her eyes when she’s talking or even just sitting by herself. Has anyone else’s child do this? And did they stop on their own or what did you do about it?


Take them to their pediatrician and see an eye doctor. It may be nothing or it could be a nervous twitch or even an ocular issue.

Have you had her checked at the Dr? A friend of mines daughter does that when she has seizures. Might be something just to get checked out just to be on the safe side.


Did you ask her if they are hurting and if she can see out of them??

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It could be something as simple as allergies or it could be something bigger. Your best bet is to get her into her pediatrician or eye doctor


That can be a sign of a neurological issue going on I would recommend taking your child to the pediatrician


My daughter did the same thing, got her followed by a doctor for a bit because her father has Tourette’s but she stopped doing it after awhile just randomly :woman_shrugging:t2: she usually did it was so was focused on something

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I work in Optometry. My own child did this too at 3. 99% of the time it is completely normal! But I’d still advise an eye exam.

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Take a video of it and get checked by the GP.

This could be literally anything. Allergies, eye problems (dry eyes or even needing glasses), etc. It could also be bigger issues. My cousins son started doing this randomly and his doctor said it was a symptom of severe ADHD. Take her to her pediatrician and just give them the run down. Like I said, it truly could be anything.

Is she potty training? Sometimes the stress of potty training can cause it. That happened with my niece.

My son started that at around 5 years old. I brought him in to be checked and they said it was just a twitch he had. I thought it was because his eyes were dry or he was tired. It never seemed to bother him because he never said anything about it because I don’t think he even knew he was doing it. It hasn’t happened in a few years now.

My son did exact same thing I was worried something was wrong with his eyes. I rang health nurse who said ring dr, rang dr who said kids do these things he will be fine lol I was so mad and was freaking he was so nonchalant. He was fine. He was right it was a phase and he stopped a couple weeks after.

It could just be fall allergies/ragweed, but you should talk to her and ask her what’s wrong.

My son does this not everyday but occasionally I think it’s just a phase just bring it up to your doctor just in case

My oldest does that and she just got diagnosed with ADHD and they said that ADHD kids have tics and that is hers

The pediatrician told me it can happen If they’re looking at screens too much

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My daughter had this when she was baby …they found tumors in her head …the eyes twitches were seizure plz dont wait …plz have a ct the pedi and the eye dr didn’t find it …the lmc er found it with a ct scan they found 5 tumor.

My daughter was doing this had her eyes tested and she needed glasses

My son did this. Perhaps get her eyes checked. My son ended up needing glasses.