My toddler has stopped napping: Advice?

Hi! I’m in need of tips. We had to move our 22-month old into a toddler bed due to climbing out. At nighttime he’s in bed sleeping within 30 minutes, but nap time is a whole different story. He hasn’t napped in days. We have blackout curtains, have removed all distractions other than his stuffed animals and a single book. But he just stays up playing with the curtains and blankets. Help!


They usually stop taking naps at some point. Must be that point for him. If you need a little bit of break just have rest time. Have him lay down for about an hour or so a day. Just so you can get that breather but sounds like the naps are done momma.


He might just be done with naps. My son was done with naps at 18 months, and he has no down time. Hes on the go all day.

My daughter stopped napping at 1.5 My son naps most days but not all and he is 2.5 some kids stop sooner then others.

Hugs mine stopped napping at 8 months.

Seems like he is done with naps :disappointed:

Your lucky he napped that long honestly lol welcome to full days of chaos


Go into the bed with him and tell him nap time honey and lay down beside him on the outer side of the bed don’t talk to him, her. Close the door to the room and be calm and quiet and stay until they fall asleep. Say nap time once and close your eyes they will fall asleep and if they cry just let them then once asleep slowly get out of the bed and close the door I did that with my boys if they cry it’s okay.

My son stopped napping at 10 months. He was never a sleeper. Went to bed at 10 PM and got up at 4am. If not know how I survived. He’s 24 now and only sleeps 5 maybe 6 hours a night.

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I wouldn’t even try to force it. My twins were never big nappers and quit napping all together at like 18 months. They sleep like 12 hours at night, so I don’t get trying to force them to sleep more than their body needs. My daughter loved napping, but still quit before she was two! :woman_shrugging:t2:
They are 5,5,4 and are just fine. We aim for quiet time where they all look at books, listen to an audio story or I’ll read to them!

They need their rest . If they are active especially outside they’ll need a nap . Walks help. If not it’s quiet time for at least an hr . Kids under my care nap even at 4yrs old . It’s all about routine , be consistent .

If the only reason he stopped napping was the bed change, it may be time for some tough love. Lay down, no getting up, maybe put on some white noise and correct him when he starts playing. If this is all due to the bed I’m not convinced that he’s just over naps. Our daughter wasn’t and we have had to make sure she understands expectations for naptime and bedtime both.

Toddlers still need naps. My son napped till he was 4. Read books and have a little routine to ease him into naps. A snack helps. When their tummys are full they sleep. Naps are great.

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Two of my three kids had cut out naps by that age. Might just be time to let him stay up all day.

My daughter stopped around that age. We tried to implement some sort of quiet time (either laying down to rest, read books, play with stuffed animals, puzzles etc. Stuff that’s quiet to do to have some break from the toys, & such). And adjusted her sleep schedule as needed to make up for the lack of nap.

My daughter stopped napping at around that age. She rarely takes naps even now.

That’s what happens when they are not in crib anymore… Freedom- LOL

He may need a later naptime. Do a big activity after lunch to tire him out. We just went through this. 12 for nap is just too early but boy does he sleep when he goes down at 1:30.

My toddlers sleep schedule is so wonky and has been since he was born. He naps most of the time anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours but there are days he will only take a car ride nap. He is so difficult on going to sleep at night with or without a nap and he never stays asleep. Gets up 2-3 times a night no matter what I do during the day with him or do with his bed time routine. I hope he starts sleeping like a normal human soon. He is just over 2.

He may not need them any longer but you can always to alone time breaks through out the day to give yourself a break