My toddler is constantly screaming: Advice?

Hello im a mom of 4 boys one baby girl ,How can I get my two year old to stop screaming over everything drops a fork he screams told him no you can’t wear shoes in the house he runs and screams a brother touched his toys he screams even if he wasn’t playing with it he also wails on his brother repeatedly if he didn’t like what they did I don’t know where he learned that that is ok it really irritates me ,another question is how can I get him to eat what I make he used to be so good at eating whatever I make he will dump his food and start smashing it or throw all the food on the floor I took away junk like sweet cereals I don’t allow chips or candy in the house all meals are homemade and cook food I know he’s liked currently all he wants is cereal for dinner or he won’t eat he will eat just that all day but the issue is when I cut up his chicken or something and feed to him he gags over it or holds it in his mouth till it all becomes gross and saliva filled I can get them to eat eggs fruit yogurt hotdogs and he just loves cereal so he eats that but I stopped buying it because he just wants it for every meal I I make oatmeal with pb he loves it but I feel what he eats is not enough or is this all just a normal Two year old behavior is the small food enough for the day ?


Ok I’m old school but pop the tail end and say enough! I didn’t say beat but just a gentle pop to get their attention. No that does not teach hitting that teaches when enough is enough.


Ooo yeah they don’t call them terrible 2’s for nothing, and all kids are different. It could be a cry for attention. Must be so hard being that you have 4 kids btw, I applaud you! Temper tantrums are so hard to deal with, remind him that there is no need for screaming and try not to cave in when he screams, let him know that you won’t give him what he wants until he stops, otherwise it will always happen. I would not buy the cereal anymore if that’s all he will eat. It’s so hard at that age to get them to listen, I constantly had to punish my son or try to have talks with him, and as far as food, I would stand my ground and make sure he is not to have TV or a dessert until he finished at least most of what everyone else was eating at dinner. It’s a rough game mom hang in there!

He really sounds like a typical two year old to me. Remember your older kids. They go through these stages of behavior. It is all about learning how much control he has in his environment. If he gets what he wants from screaming like attention etc… he will store that in his arsenal of behaviors. You are at a real crossroads with his eating. Don’t give up. Just keeping offering him healthy …choices. You know those two year olds. They want choices. Good Luck to you.

It sounds like hes having a hard time coping with something in his life. My granddaughter who’s smart with a good memory has a focus disorder. It made her hyper and bad behavior like screaming or whining about the carseat and Sox being to tight but also about her food. I think I would start with the next doctor check up. Make sure he can do all the things a 2 yr old can do. We take for granite they can do all they are suppose to do. It may only be a controlling or sibling sharing issue. Do your check list so you will know to the best of your ability what is going on.

My 2 year old used to throw himself on the floor and cause a huge lump on his head. So I asked my pediatrician what to do!!! I was sooo upset. He said walk away even if he was wailing in pain. So I did. Twice. (2nd time was in the middle of a busy grocery store) Bingo! He stopped doing it. My advice…as hard as it is…serve what you should for the nutritional needs of a toddler. If he doesn’t eat. Clear it away. Make sure he gets NOTHING ELSE. (Maybe a children’s vitamin in the morning to start the day)

2 yr olds tend to graze all day-don’t worry, he’ll live through the tough times. Try just fruit or veggies for meals. <3

Take him to dr
Mak rd sure nothing physically wrong. If not he wants attention


Three words: Behaviour Ignorance Therapy! Check into it.

I told mine it was hurting my ears. Or you can scream with him. Show him it’s annoying

Prime time battle of the wills. Choose your battles and spend more one on one time with him.


Remember youre the boss. Let him scream and ignore him.

Its normal for a 2 year old they will out grow it

When screaming,tell him to stay put,and YOU walk away first…meals…1 tablespoon of each helping…when he sees that there’s not so much…he will see easy eating…then gradually add more to his plate…no sense in wasting large amounts of food…and less to clean up if child topples over the dish…and above all…PRAISE the child for better habits.Turn the negatives into positives…even just the little things.


I had a chart of all the things I expected to have the child do, including behaviors. They got a smiley face sticker each day they accomplished that task. In the last row I would put a ✓ each time the child didn’t do what was expected.
I tally them up at the end of the week (sticker =5, ✓= -1) and give them a prize if their total was over 100pts.
This is just a quick idea of how to reward good behavior while removing that opportunity if bad behavior persists. Soon they were showing off how good they could be!

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I used to talk very softly and calming when mine had a screaming fit, one time I was watching a friends toddler who wouldn’t stop screaming and crying, I tried everything to help her stop, she set my son off, it was an awful experience, two at once with no let up, so I literally gave up, I left the bedroom, shut the door, went and took some calms ( herbal calm pill ), made tea, went back in the room, and it was still going on, but I had taken a time out, so I could deal with it better, they eventually stopped and played !


he is two. Do not stress over the food. He will not starve himself. Do not react to the screaming, say calmly, when you do not scream I will pay attention. have him go to his room till he is calm then give extra attention when he is calm. will take till he is about 15 ha ha, but it will work

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He gets hungry enough he will eat what is put in front of him. He dumps it? Oh well nothing else till the next meal. As for the screaming. Time out. If that don’t work isolate him in his room during screaming episodes. When he can behave sit him down and calmly try to find out what’s wrong. You are the parent. He needs to be taught early on what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. Toddlers sometimes do have these moments. It’s how you respond that matters.


I have a 4 year old that displays this very behavior. My son was diagnosed with Autism so you might want to talk to your pediatrician. I let my son eat what he wants. Something is better than nothing. As for the hitting, make him sit in time out. He has to learn accountability.