My toddler is constantly sweaty: Advice?

Kinda worried about my 2yo. He’s always sweating, but his skin is cool. And when I say sweating its legit droplets. Constantly want food and water. Really nervous, he sees the doc this week…any advice would be great!!


I would defiantly get his blood sugars checked ASAP. Get in with his dr as soon as you can.


Have them check his sugar.

I agree with checking his sugars.
Sending love and prayers. :heart:

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I’d go before hun… Your obvs giving him. Food and water… Even If you probs not got your daily amount. It shouldn’t be this to quickly xx

Don’t wait. Classic symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. Children can go real bad, real quick.


Check his sugar i wouldnt wait…is he always thirsty and peeing alot

Juvenile diabetes perhaps


Yes! Please get to the dr!

Don’t wait go to er asap!!


Could be hyperhydrosis. My daughter has that and her symptoms are similar

Childhood diabetes testing as everyone has already said. Especially if he’s overly thirsty all the time.

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Yeah sounds like the general symptoms of type 1 diabetes

Well hes seeing.the doctor.thats good.if he.has signs.of diabetes tell the doc to take.blood tests.good.luck

He sounds diabetic to me.

Get blood sugars checked asap! It can get serious fast if that is the problem. Good luck mama!

Yeah, go like today, don’t wait, he can crash in less than a hour if it’s diabetes. Seriously, wow, praying for you.

You already have your own good advice take him to the Doctor just listen to it

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Check sugar and also have him checked for cystic fibrosis

Get in to see Dr early and tell them it may be more urgent than waiting. Sounds like endocrine, his glucose needs to be evaluated.

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