My toddler refuses to potty train: Advice?

I need some advice on my two and half year old son who refuses to use the potty he hasn’t had any bad experiences with it and we encourage him but he refuses?


I have the same problem with my daughter. She tells me when she has to go, but holds it until I give up and put a diaper on her.

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My daughter wasn’t ready until after her third bday. Give it time and if it doesn’t work just shelve it for a bit and try again later.

If you force it it will make it worse. The child may not be completely ready.


I have a 2 and 4 year old training together because the older has been rufusing since i started trying

My son is 3 and a half and he refused to use the potty up until here recently Now he’s doing good with it I guess we just had to wait until he was ready

If you can stand it, and will clean up the mess, You could put him in underwear and pants and just let him pee in his pants. It will be really uncomfortable and he won’t like it. It didn’t take my son very many times of doing that before he didn’t want to pee in his pants anymore.

Don’t let the clothes be baggy otherwise he won’t feel it

He may not be ready. I’m daughter is turning 3 in a month and we just started this week

He’s not ready so try in a couple months

Maybe he’s not ready…I tried at 2 1/2 with my daughter and she didn’t want to. I tried again a little after she turned 3, maybe 3 1/2 and she did it with such ease! No overnight accidents or anything and was trained in just a few days. Just try and be patient and keep encouraging him! :blush:

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He’s probably not ready. Forcing the issue will cause problems. Just wait a while and try again when he’s a little older. If you’re really concerned about it then talk to his pediatrician about it so they can make sure nothing else is going on.

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Took me time to get my daughter trained no matter what I did from putting her to a schedule, bribing her & begging her to do it. Then I started to potty with her when she’s around 3 yrs old so she has her own portable potty while I take a potty, too. It worked until such time that she doesn’t need me “pottying” with her anymore.

He’s probably not ready for it

I took my kids to the store so they could pick out their own undies, helped a ton!!! They didnt wanna mess up their big boy undies :blush: hope this helps… good luck!!!

It’s fine. He’ll learn. He’ll also see how patient you are.
Give M&M treats for rewards after each potty use.

It took my fella until he was 4. He started at 3 but my sitter pushed it and he regressed. Now he goes to the potty all day. Naked potty training worked for him. I did it that way because he was too lazy to go to the potty if he was wearing a pull up. He wanted tablet time for going on the potty.

Has dad tried to help him? Sometimes it’s better coming from dad.

My son is the exact same way. I’ve just decided to not force him and keep encouraging him. He’ll be ready on his own time.

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He’s :clap: not :clap: ready :clap: