My toddler refuses to share with her sister: Advice?

Need advice. I have a 2-year-old daughter and an eight-month-old girl. My two year old loves her sister, but cannot/will not share any toys. I yell I spank; I use timeout, I send her into another room with that toy because it’s not fair that my eight-month-old can’t touch anything. I don’t know what to do to make her share with her sister. My husband and I try playing with both of them with the same toy, and my two year old will not have it. Anybody else with this issue?


She’s young hun she’s obv not at the stage to start sharing yet, just let her know she has too but disaplining so hard on a 2 year old proberly won’t work she’s a baby herself - try get them to bond together playing a game etc x


I’ll be honest, I have the same issue with my 2 boys. But, as an adult, I don’t neccesarily like sharing things that are mine. So I do not force my children to share, instead, I simply ask my oldest to get his younger brother one of HIS toys. And that helps ALOT! It has actually made it to where my 3 year old, wants to share now. Itll get better momma! Best of luck!


There’s no need to spank for not sharing. Being two years old, she doesn’t get the concept of sharing yet. A two year old is still a baby herself. Just because she’s a big sister doesn’t mean she intellectually understands everything. Two year olds don’t always get the concept of sharing.


She’s a baby why are you spanking her ffs :woman_facepalming:


Buy 2 of the same thing different colors

Yelling and spanking will only increase the bad behavior towards her sister. It will also cause more resentment towards her. She may see it at her fault that she got hit or yelled at. Individual attention may help. It’s usually caused my jealousy. There’re also sharing games that you can play. When she shares, praise her and make a big deal about it.


She asked what to do about this situation, she’s not asking for advice on her parenting.


Children dont generally learn to share until preschool age so after the age of 3. At 2 years they just haven’t made the neurological connections to understand why they should share as they dont understand the thought process for that. Stop hitting your child and learn about children before you do some permanent emotional damage!


Remove the toy.
No matter if it takes them all hidden. Explain why. Don’t make it a battle. She’ll come around. 2 yro’s and being 1st born will do this for a period of time. Also don’t buy new toys. Keep interacting with your husband in sharing. Use verbal ques. Such as; “ would like to share my _______? And use please and thank you’s. Time will work . :sparkling_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Why should she have to? I don’t share my house, car, clothes, personal items with others if I don’t want to. Let her have things that are strictly hers (let her choose them) and don’t let the baby touch them. Teach her that some items belong to the whole family and everyone is allowed to touch them. It may comfort her to know she has some things that are hers and only hers.


Spank? Just wait til the kids spank too :frowning: it needs a different approach. Spanking way nogo


Were the toys originally hers? If they were, stop and think about this. These are her most prized possessions. Toys are all that she values. She doesn’t understand clothes, or home, etc. Would you give your wedding ring to someone you just met and trust they would give it back? I’m betting not. She’s too young to reason this out, and punishment for it is not understood. She will start to not trust you. You give her best thing away, then spank her when she wants it back. That’s some serious trust issues there. Buy the younger child her own toys for now. Don’t throw away the older child’s because you have duplicate. Buy inexpensive toys for both kids. Give them to them at the same time in front of each other. Tell your older daughter this is for you, and this is your sisters. Don’t touch hers. If she keeps reaching , repeat don’t touch hers. After a little while introduce you can play with her toy if she can play with one of yours. That’s how sharing starts.


You could cause resentment towards younger sister.

Why not try some praise? She is a baby too, they go through stages. Be patient. Teaching/learning is forever and repetitive


That is really normal ( in my opinion) they are learning boundaries and what is theirs…plus there might be a little sibling jealousy going on… Once again…normal…

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As much as parents want their kids to share, the kids should also be allowed to have toys that are just theirs and no one else’s. Maybe have her pick some things she doesn’t want to share and stick with it. And let her also pick toys that she has to share.


Y’all I got my ass handed to me as a kid when I did anything wrong. Then again I was raised by a woman whom was raised in a Catholic Church when nuns used to beat your ass.
At least children who’ve gotten their butts beat don’t turn into snowflakes and oh my god everything offends me now at days.
Get over it and grow up.
If you don’t have a solution then keep scrolling. That’s her kid and she will discipline as she sees fit not how YOU SEE FIT!


She is 2. Every kid goes through this phase.


A new sibling is a huge change for a young child. Add that to being shouted at, hit and sent to her room for not sharing her toys and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some serious resentment.
First of all, two is too young to be expected to share in this way. It’s not something that comes naturally for most toddlers. It takes time to learn to share, and going about it in this manner will not facilitate it.
Secondly, please do not smack or physically discipline a two year old for not being emotionally ready to share.


Get the baby his/her own toys and dont let the 2 year old touch them. Keep their toys separate. Let the 2 yr old play with her toys, and let the baby play with the babys toys. If the 2 year old wants to play with the babys toys, tell her she has to trade and let the baby play with one of her toys while she plays with the babys toy.