My toddler wakes up in the middle of the night crying: Advice?

So, I don’t know how well to explain it, but I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with a boy, and I also have a three-year-old boy. This has happened on several occasions and it had stopped for a while up till just recently these past few days. For whatever reason, my toddler will randomly cry out, whine, or fuss at night and whenever I go to try and soothe him back to sleep or calm him down I find he’s still asleep while making these noises. I haven’t gotten to talk to a Dr yet, but I’m seriously thinking about it cause it worries me a bit. Plus. He’s only ever woken up once from this and when I tried to calm him down, I couldn’t. I also tried to give him some medicine cause he felt on fire and he had screamed at me each time I tried to give it to him. I took him up to his dad at work and he seemed to totally recover. This was a while back though. Before I was pregnant. I don’t know if it’s relevant in anyway but it’s the only other thing that’s worried me.


Sounds like he’s trying to seek attention knowing you’ll take him dad. He needs a play therapist.

It’s called night terrors, and extremely normal

Bad dreams/night terrors. Perfectly normal

My child had them til she was nearly 5. On the rare occasions she takes melatonin or any medicine that makes her sleepy like cold medicine she is almost guaranteed to have one. :woman_shrugging:t2: Its normal! It can be scary but it will get better. I would be more worried if they were too afraid to fall asleep or too afraid to be in their bed alone.

Normal, he is child what do u expect?

Could be a nightmare or if it’s like my kiddo and she was getting too full on drinks before bed then woke up screaming because she was hungry. So maybe cut back on drinks before bed and do a small snack when he wakes up?

Sounds like night terrors. I would have to hold my son rocking him with his pacifier and blanket for long periods of time to calm him. Sometimes that meant most of the night. It’s normal, mine grew out of it relatively quickly.

Id talk to his pediatrician. Medications can cause night terrors. Our 2 yr old never ever sleeps through the night. We put a TV in her room with a chromecast so I can control it without going in there. It seems to calm her down n she goes right back to bed. If he’s not waking up though idk if that would even help.

My almost 2 yr old does this too. I have kinda thought she was growing cause she wakes up telling me her legs hurt

Night terrors probably, look it up.

My 3 almost 4yr old daughter does this. I just lay close and talk softly “mommy is here, you’re safe at home” and she usually calms down within a few mins.
My son also did it around the same age…it didn’t last but a couple weeks…maybe happened 5 times but then when he got older…around 9/10 it started happening again…it was hard to get him calm but it happened for around 6 months…stopped and hasn’t happened since, he’s almost 12 now. I did the same with him…kept a quiet voice but repeated that I am with him and he is safe at home and that I wouldn’t leave his side.

Mine does this several times a night and I have to lay with her for her to fall back asleep. Usually the 1st time is because she has to potty but the others are night terrors. She doesn’t get them as bad as my oldest did

My daughter is 8 and still has them, my 3 Yr old also does it as a mum of 5 it is normal unfortunately we can only try and be by their side even though they don’t know we are there, also my daughter doe it when she needs a wee I can take her to the bathroom and back to bed and she will not even know I have taken her she will calm down then as well good luck xx

Night terrors. Can’t really determine what causes it as every child is different. Some say too much screen time, some say being hyperactive the entire day, some say emotional stress. Still happening to my daughter a few times and she’s 5. Just don’t try to wake him up but make sure he doesn’t hurt himself & make him feel that you’re there. That’s normal it happens to some kids his age and was told it could occur until the age of 7 or 8.

Do you give him melatonin? That shit gave my daughter nightmares i stopped giving to her and she stopped having nightmares

My 4 year old does this. Its night terrors. All I do is sit or lay next to him and say “mommy’s here its ok” and just keep repeating it until he calms down. Normally within 5 mins

If u have red lavender u put a little on yr finger and rub on the 4 head ,around the belly button in the plam of the hand , behind the ear and the bottom of the foot I have a 13 and 4 years old it works

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Pray for him when it happens it will go away.

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This happens to my son as well he’ll be three in December, it’s almost every night… :woman_facepalming:t4: if we talk to much or try to touch him he freaks more, it’s a side effect of the night terrors, so what we do is move him slowly and we don’t talk too much. Most of the time once he gets a drink and we put one hand on his belly he goes right back out. I have yet to find a long term solution so if anyone has one let me know lol!!