My wife is constantly on her phone: Advice?

My spouse has a severe phone addiction; she is literally on her phone from the time her eyes open and doesn’t put it down until she goes to bed. She’s not hiding anything. Her phone is unlocked, so that isn’t the problem, but she sits for hours at a time just switching between apps and zones out, only paying attention to her phone. She has recently started sitting in the vehicle for hours at a time to play on her phone. We have a whole household to run with children and animals and responsibilities, but lately, I have been stuck with it all while she gets lost in “phone land.” I feel like I’m begging her for attention often, and I don’t like that. I have tried talking to her about it, but she just denies it. I’m not talking 30 minutes here and there; I’m talking all day, every day. Its really putting a strain on our relationship as i feel ignored and kinda abandoned. what should i do?


Have you asked her how she was feeling emotionally? I know I tend out to do those “zoning out “phases when my depression is bad. Also if I have any sort of anxiety, I will pick up my phone because it’s the only thing that will make me comfortable and it’s fast.


I hear ya with the phone thing

Buy one of those phone locks and do a day a week phone free or no phones until/after a certain time do a planned activity etc such as a walk and no phones etc make it fun.


Sounds like depression and I’m sorry. Maybe she needs a professional especially if she has a whole family


Uhm how did my husband find this group lol


My boyfriend will go into the bathroom and stay in there for 45 minutes to an hour and be on his phone, when he is “using” the bathroom. When he showers it’s an hour long. He always has something running on his phone or is playing a game zoning out. I feel completely ignored all the time. And have told him I feel he is hiding in the bathroom. We have had many conversations about it and he still doesnt care. One time I asked him to not be on his phone for two days but the second day he picked up the phone more. And i got upset about it. He chucked it across the yard like a child. The best thing for you to do is talk to her about it find out what’s going on with her and if it’s something talk it out as much as you can.

I do this when my stress is at a super high level. I have BPD so I deal with Anxiety and depression constantly and my emotions are hard to keep ahold of. I feel guilty for how much time I spend on my phone but some days I’m so mentally exhausted even if I put the phone down I know I wouldn’t get anything done anyways. It becomes an escape from reality really.


These phones are ruining families! They don,t have time for each other!


Tell her to get the hell off the phone and to grow up


I feel like there’s something deeper…


Get out the hammer. One hit


Get rid of TicTok and make sure she can’t redownload it


Danny was this you?! :joy::joy::joy:


Phones have a graph they keep track of how much time is spent on each app, maybe you guys can open that up and compromise on time spent on each app. Once she sees the hours spent, she will probably be more open to working on this problem

Big problem for a lot !

This is absolutely depression/anxiety rearing it’s ugly head. I do this a lot when my mind is racing or when I am focusing on not focusing on something.


Sounds like she needs an escape. Provide a safe space for her so her safe space can be with you. Otherwise leave her to it. Sometimes we need a break from the reality.

Ive never been a phone tech loving person
Hate it. But after some majot upset in my situation happened in July last year ive been glued to my phone. I’m aware I do it. I gey up an do stuff around the house but it’s still in my hand. And then days nothing gets done. In very depressed and have ptsd and anxiety and it’s an escape. I only get screamed at to get off mone or called names and belittled and it makes me turn to my phone more. Nobody has asked me why or ehat was wrong and worked to help me wit those terrible days. I even have an autistic son with other challenges andbwe been on the house together all day and night no breaks since march 13th 2020 and it takes its toll too. Try talking to her. He’ll even text her on the phone and go we need to talk I nrrd to know how u are lol. Maybe she embarrassed or something she dpesnt know how or want to say to your face…feels weak for needing a break or time or bad about asking for it so she checks out.

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Give her and ultimatum and if she chooses a device over her family then that falls on her.