Need emotinal support/advice?

I got pregnant with my ex while we were split up. I was still in love, and I’m guessing he was just using me, and I just didn’t see it. Anyways it’s been a long road since then. I’ve had no support from him, and he is immature and isn’t growing up. Yes, we are both young, but there is no excuse. I’ve done everything possible to make sure to provide for this upcoming child. I’ve expressed to him how he isn’t being involved and acts like he doesn’t even care. He turns around and is rude and tells me “f” you and how he’s going to be the father etc. he’s been sleeping with multiple girls right in front of my face. I only have three months left in this pregnancy. And he’s still done nothing. I’m so emotional about it because I never wanted to bring a child into this world like this, but I am against abortion. I feel so sad. He said he didn’t even want to be in the delivery room, and then he changed his mind, but he doesn’t even show up to the appointments or ask how the baby is doing NOTHING. IDK what to do… I want to be civil but am so over his actions/ lack of actions and disrespect. He also thinks I should have to remind him about everything, such as the appointments. I gave him the date, and I feel it should be up to him to figure out how to remind himself. I don’t need to keep on him and “beg.”


He isn’t worth it. Your child doesn’t need to be around negativity.


Is adoption an option if you are unable to raise alone?

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He isn’t worth it u can do it on ur own girl

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He does not want you, the child or the responsibility. Adoption could be a great option. If not, expect to be a single mom with no help.


He is gonna be a deadbeat dad who sees his kid a few times a year and never pays child support… if you aren’t ready to be a single mom.and raise this baby on your own i would highly suggest adoption.


Sounds like you need to let him go completely. After baby is born, go to court and get a court ordered custody agreement. If he fails to exercise his visitation, then document that. Also document all communication you have with him. It’s going to be a difficult road and it’s not going to be pretty, but this is what you chose. Eventually you may be able to get his rights terminated and then you won’t have to deal with him at all anymore, but that’s not common.


Just do it all on your own, it’ll be hard but so worth it and not having to deal with him. He has no respect for you and will never be the father you want him to be for your child. Just move on.


Can only control your own actions hun, he will only step up if HE wants to. Which it sounds like it’s not looking hopeful, I get you’re young and want to be a family, but it’s not worth sacrificing your happiness and your self respect, if he wants to step up, he can, but you do you and keep getting ready for bubs, there are so many organisations to help mummas just like you, talk to your midwife, and let her know your situation, she will take care of you and babies needs.

I’m against abortion as well and just wanted to throw this out there, Adoption is an amazing option as there are SO MANY couples who would love the opportunity to have a child but can’t. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and questioning whether you can parent your child the way you hoped to be able to, this option may be a complete blessing and answered prayer for yourself as well as another couple.


Girl he knows you’re pregnant if he wants to be a man and do his part he will of not then he wont doenst matter how much you try. It’s not on you it’s him. Things dont always come out as planned and that’s ok. I say forget about him you take care of you amd the baby growing inside of you. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy which is a beautiful experience. Once your baby is born then you can take him to court for child support because whether he wants to be a part of the babies life for not is his choice financially supporting his kid is an obligation and something the kid has a right to.


Move on your child has you you’ll show your baby your all they need x


Disconnect from him. Now. Remove him from the picture. Go after him for support once the baby comes. Stay removed from him. Don’t let your child grow up with him as an example of what a man is.


He’s a Schmuck…raise this child alone…go to family court get sole physical custody…you can do this every mother does what’s best for her child…also do what’s best for you be happy…Good Luck.


You see hes not caring now and he wont care when baby is here
Hes going to mess with your feeling because you do have his child
And sounds like hes still a child shouldn’t have to e reminded about everything if he cared enough he would have remembered at least one or 2 of the appointments

And changing his m in and on and off about being there

Heres my opinion
I am not going through what you are and I wish best come out of your troubles

But I would have him there if this is your first
Or second but I would have him there it’s a scary wonderful day

But it is totally up to you on what goes on from here it’s best you see his rights and wrongs
Good luck

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RUN. Run as far and as fast as you can.


Do not let him in that room. Only let people who calm you in. Plain and simple. Giving birth is so hard and having people there who only bring you stress makes everything worse. And honestly if that’s his behavior I wouldn’t put his name on that birth certificate. It only gives him the foot in the door he needs to try and take that baby. He sounds to immature to be allowed any rights over a child. Protect yourself and your baby.


Trust me… when the baby comes u wont give a shit about him. .

  1. Do not put his name on the birth cert.
  2. Tell him the appointment dates…if he goes, great. If not, tough shit…you are not his mother, you do not have to remind him.
  3. Dont rely on him to get anything for the baby…tell him what u need but have money saved for these things just incase.
  4. Let him f around with other girls…if he wants to be riddled with std’s, that’s his choice.
  5. If you dont want him in the delivery room, he will not be allowed in. Regardless of whether he is the “father” (sperm doner) or not.
  6. You can do it on your own. One good parent is 1000x better than a part time dead beat dad !!!

Best of luck hun. Babies are great…its hard. But they are so so so worth it xxx

Dump him. You dont need him. If he talks to you badly think of how he will treat your child


Quit chasing him sweetie! You and your baby will be much happier moving on. Your baby doesn’t need the trauma of a father that doesn’t want to be in their life. You are a mother and as such its up to you to keep that baby safe, mentally and emotionally!