Need help on holiday toy shopping

The holidays are coming we better get our santa lists ready! So if you have to choose only one toy your kids won’t put down what would it be (no phones!!!)


Children can not go wrong with puzzles coloring books crayons activity.books bubble bath things like that.if to read a set of good books is a good idea

My 8 yr old loves his transformers, my 7 yr old likes his roblox toys, my 2 yr old its either trucks or toy story and my 1 yr old will play with anything that makes noise

Balance bike. He rides it all through the house.

My 17 month old is obsessed with his Linkimals Sloth!

1 and a half gunna get her a big bouncy ball she loves them​:heart::heart:

My 2 year old great nephew loves his kitchen & farm with the barn & animals

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There is a VTEC rolling zebra that my son absolutely loved, is it still Available??

Legos and mega blocks for my two. They will build a big mega blocks house and build a small Lego one inside.

Legos for sure!! I have a 5, 8 and 12 year old and they all play together :heart:

Our girls love lego, babies, hatchimals, scooters.

paw patrol dino patroler all three fight over it! and their all girls for the record

Our family loved board games Christmas after dinner lots of us played board games

my one year old can use flash cards or puzzles :jigsaw: i would love it if i could get him a bike :bike: but a baby one the ones on amazon are pretty neat

Legos nerf guns for the older kids. My 4yr old is paw patrol and pj masks

My 8 year old son just loves his beyblades. It’s a nice change from the hoards of Hot Wheels.

Want Xbox but love Legos, telescope, dirt bike child size, trampoline,flap jack, and uno

My 2 year old a mini slide we keep in the house, my 6 year old her kindi kids dolls, my 8 year old her legos or hatchimals and my 11 year old her evee dolls from pokemon

Besides lols, electric moped! My other plays with everything!

Definitely Lego or a book